May the Pee Sticks be Ever in Your Favor

I’m a fast learner, which is good because I’m also impatient. Add to all of this that I tend to be a ruminator (not a ruminant, I do not chew my own cud or have multiple stomachs) who thinks and thinks and thinks and then BAM! does (much to the consternation of many people in my life, my super babe of a wife included) and perhaps my most recent barrage of anxiety ridden assumptions doesn’t seem so rash, although it is, at any rate, misguided. Basically this is what I’m trying to say: Once I decide I want to know something, I go out and learn it and, often, I can then apply it pretty readily to my life. The place where this otherwise awesome system goes awry is when, as with bodies, no amount of book learning will get you the results that careful observation over time will.

So, following my mini freak out about ovulation, I quit taking the evening primrose oil supplement, replaced it with some deep breaths, and tried to remind myself that we are not even trying to conceive yet. On a whim, I decided to take an ovulation prediction test and got a very clear positive.

How’s about that as a reward for positive behavior?

Or, you know, that whole mind body link; or, the EPO. Whatever. I’m choosing to believe the universe saw me calm down and said, “yeah, Andie, that’s how ya do it. Good job!”

For the good of the gaywo TTC community who may or may not be reading this blog and who may or may not have the same “OMG why are OPKs so hard to read!” feelings that I have, I’m sharing my exciting + and one of my more confusing -. May the pee stick odds be ever in our favor.

This is my positive OPK from my Nov-Dec cycle. Observe the pure darkness of the line on the left.

This is my positive OPK from my Nov-Dec cycle. Observe the pure darkness of the line on the left.

This is one of the many negative OPKs from my Nov-Dec cycle. But its dark enough that it kinda faked me out, for a minute.

This is one of the many negative OPKs from my Nov-Dec cycle. But its dark enough that it kinda faked me out, for a minute.

La is neither as invested in research as I am, nor as fascinated by the less than polite bodily functions that come along with all this mess. She has outright told me that when its her turn, I will have to coax her along – I plan to draw the line at dipping the OPKs in her pee, although I will happily check her cervical fluids. <oh my!> BUT . . .she has consented to let me show her my OPKs and ask for perspective.

Last night when I showed her this, she got excited and said “Is this when we would call BFF?!” I started getting into some complicated explanation that went something like “well yes although i would like to understand my cycle well enough to actually call him before the positive . . .” but stopped when I realized that La was thinking that if we just had a damned needleless syringe she would be on the horn with BFF that very second.

It was a flash of OMFGthisistotallygonnaberealsosoon and it was RAD.

Finally . . .we are having issues getting AwkMD to sign the paperwork saying she is supervising the procedure. It may be time to call in the friend of my also gay-and-pegnant co-worker who signed their contract. Sketchy? Sure. But when the law says you can’t just get free sperm from your BFF without getting all entangled in the law, I say fuck it we are doing the best we can.


5 thoughts on “May the Pee Sticks be Ever in Your Favor

  1. Even though I’m all like “Well I got pregnant once without resorting to the OPKs! I will take any excuse to not have to use them!” I have to admit that the data nerd in my head loves the idea of being able to dip things in my own pee. I can’t help it; peeing on sticks makes me feel like I’m being proactive about this whole thing, you know? Like I’m doing all the research and using all the tools and going about the TTC thing in an organized fashion. My doctor, who surprised me by actually knowing what the hell charting was, complimented me on my rad research and organization skills. Yes, it made me insufferable. For a little while. 😉

    The OMFGthisistotallygonnaberealsoon flash is rad. It’s TOTALLY rad. I had this secret fear that when I saw the two lines I was going to be all washed away in this wave of secret dread that had been nurtured behind my back deep in my subconscious or something but it was nothing like that. It was like this, like what you’ve described here. The OMFG IT’SREALLYHAPPENING!!!

    Also, Hunger Games paraphrases make everything better. This is one of life’s true facts, yo.

  2. As difficult as the OPKs are making my life, in terms of determining WTF is happening, I really love them. Its reassuring to see the lines come and go. And I feel EXACTLY the same way – I love tangible, concrete data points!
    Also, I might have bought more than 100 of them from Amazon during a less clear-headed moment . . .

  3. Hi! Thanks for finding me and following my blog! How did you come across me? If you happened to see a biker with bunny ears last winter in Denver, that would have been me 🙂 If you want to talk about anything TTC, please feel free to contact me! Not sure how to get you my email without posting it for the world to see.

    I am a super researcher, too. I will hoard the info, and then BAM!, make the decision and do it. That freaks people out sometimes because they think I make rash decisions when in fact I was researching something for months or years and just hadn’t talked about it with the whole world.

    Why don’t you have a needless syringe!? You just walk up to any pharmacy (grab a bottle of baby tylenol if you feel the need to look like you have a valid excuse) and ask for a medicine dropper. You can figure out how to sterilize that but I just washed them with soap and hot water, rinsed thoroughly in scorching hot water, and then air dried them. After a couple cycles with the cheapie OPKs and stressing about lines, I gave up and got a pack of Clear Blue Easy smiley face guys. It took the guesswork out of it. I also used an Instead Cup. Do you know about Fertility Friend? Even if you don’t temp, which I didn’t, it can be helpful to track everything on there. They have a free app that sincs up automatically to the website, weeeee, technology!

    Nice to meet you!

  4. I’ve been finding folks (including you!) through the Liebster award posts – and also comments on various blogs. Internet bunny trails, I guess I’d call them! I think I found you somehow through And Baby Makes Three Hopefully. I got excited when I saw you used to live in Denver! I can’t recall bunny ears right this moment but I have spent many years biking the streets of Denver, so it’s nice to know that’s something else we have in common!

    We didn’t have a needle less syringe because we are planning to order everything thru amazon (gotta make the most of the amazon primes subscription!) and haven’t yet – mostly because we don’t have our paperwork all in order yet and did sort of make a comitment not to try until January. Clearly our resolve is for shit!

    I use the taking charge of your fertility website – very similar to fertility friend, from what I understand. But this app synching business sounds pretty awesome . . . I actually first read TCOYF years ago when I had a friend who was using temping to avoid pregnancy and was fascinated by it. I was so excited to get started, so I’ve been doing the BBT temperature cervical fluid cervix position stuff for a few months. My plan is to start doing OPK tests twice a day and also use the digitals to confirm. Is that overboard? Probably. That’s usually how I roll.

    I’m glad to make mother blog friend! It’s nice to read the experiences of lots of folks in different phases of a somewhat similar adventure.

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