The mystery continues




Well, if you we’re ever curious what a positive ovulation predictor test looks like, I have provided you with a variety of excellent examples here. That’s great and all, after the lack of positive or other evidence of ovulation, except now I’m at 48 hours of LH surge which is, from what I have read, unusual although I don’t think it’s entirely unheard of . . .i thought the surge generally lasted 12-36 hours but I guess I shouldn’t really hit the panic button yet. Still . . .curiouser and curiouser.

We are still on mission:convince AwkMD to sign the paperwork. On the upside, my beastie reminded me tonight that her grandpa is an Ob/Gyn who is also a super cool guy and might be willing tossing the paperwork for us if AwkMD can’t because of hospital limitations or whatever. Our lawyer, Babs, seems to be frustrated and confused that we can’t just make it happen and seems to forget that not all of us spent concentrated years learning to decipher legalese nor do we draft assisted reproduction paperwork daily.

La and I bought a vacation package to Cancun as our honeymoon/baby moon, since we were too crazy (and broke) in April after we got married to do anything. But we found a sweet deal on an inclusive resort that is adults only! And LGBT friendly! Yay! I’m not much of a drinker but depending on how things work out, I fully intend to drink my share of fruity cocktails at the swim up bar. But I like virgin daiquiris too.


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