A steaming cup of decaf in the snow

It finally snowed in Colorado! It has been eerily warm here, in the 60s or 70s, since October. Christmas lights are up and I’m wearing short sleeves and there is something just not ok about that. So I am grateful today for 2 inches of snow in the middle of this pseudo nuclear winter.

One of the things I committed myself to at the start of the serious baby making phase was regular acupuncture. I know my self too well, and I knew I needed a place to decompress and let go of responsibility. Plus, you know, there is a lot of clinical research linking successful fertility outcomes with acupuncture. I’ve been going since the end of October and I love it. I go to a community acupuncture place where I pay a sliding scale fee and everyone is treated in the same room. It’s really wonderful except when you realize you’ve been snoring in front of everyone.

On Thursday, my acupuncturist did a treatment with points near my fingernails and in my ears. They hurt a bit but I felt the effect immediately. I don’t understand acupuncture but I know it works. Two years ago I quit smoking using acupuncture and minus a brief period of time before our wedding when I was a crazy mess, I haven’t even wanted to smoke in all that time, after a solid 10 years of smoking. Plus, I am accustomed to pain in pursuit of pleasure – you’re not really allowed to be afraid of needles when you’re heavily tattooed.

December starts mission: caffeine reduction. This has been looming over my head for months. I love coffee. No, really. On my top 5 list of things I love the most it goes like this: La, the dog babies, sleeping, coffee and . . .shit, that’s four. But the 5th floats and right now is oatmeal, I think. My plan is to limit myself to one 8oz cup of regular coffee a day, supplemented with decaf. I’m allowing myself to keep this up through ovulation/insemination each cycle, then attempt to switch over to decaf only during The Wait. Assuming the eggo gets preggo, I will keep the decaf up for at least the first trimester. This is an audacious goal for me though, so I’m realizing that any mark between 8oz of caffeinated coffee and 0oz of caffeine during the process will be considered success.

My love of sleep will have to be adjusted when there is an actual child because there is no program solid enough to get me off the sleep. The bulldog and I are professionals at the sleep, and we are a truly exceptional team.

And . . . We got a new car! La paid off her debt management credit cards which means we had enough money budgeted for a smallish car payment. We investigated our options and found we could lease a new Honda civic for the same price as financing a later model used car plus the buy back option after 2 years is incredible. Las car was a 1990 Honda accord with only two doors. Plus while it was fully functional, it wasn’t exactly amenable to a child seat or family functioning. Budgeting the insurance in may mean a few less meals out but I think we will swing it.



2 thoughts on “A steaming cup of decaf in the snow

  1. There was totally a first snow in October before I moved! It didn’t stick long, though. — That is so awesome that you are getting acupuncture treaements and the results you had from using it to stop smoking are amazing. I had acupuncture treatments for a year or so for my wrist after two surgeries and a lot of nerve damage. It was also at a community place and I liked knowing that everyone was there on their own mission towards well-being. It not only helped with my pain, that would often be debilitating when I got there, but with my emotions about the whole ordeal that caused me quite a bit of depression. — I am not a big caffeine drinker but do drink a cup or two of tea a day. I did avoid it more the first few months and now that he is moving constantly, I avoid drinking pop or else I am a punching bag afterwards. Lots of women have reduced but not eliminated caffeine during pregnancy, though going cold turkey seems to be a bit much on most women’s bodies.

  2. True, there was that snow in October – which was actually more snow than we got this time around! But not a bit since! I was feeling sad about the lack of winter!
    I love love love acupuncture! I’m excited to go back this week!
    And I know that I don’t necessarily need to give up my friend caffeine, but I was a very heavy coffee drinker until a few months ago so lowering my intake was a must. I doubt I’ll actually be able to go without, but its a good goal to set. Someone told me “90% is perfection” which I love – its totally attainable for me!

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