On the Bullet Train to Sperm Town

I am on day 32 of my cycle and based on the positive OPKs and thermal shifts, I’m about 5 days post ovulation. This means my cycle is likely to end up being about 40 days long. Whaaaaat? I am *shockingly* not that freaked out about this. Partially that’s because I have been very intentional in trying to quit my obsessing, and partially because I have a sort of intuitive feeling that the issue that delayed ovulation until day 27 was my overuse of supplements. Since I quit the evening primrose oil, things seem to have shaped up. In any case and for whatever reason, I am not crazy freaked out: just happy to dawdle along tracking my temperature and checking my cervix.

But a 40 day cycle this go around means that the next time I will be fertile is in January – and we decided to give our first go in January. Which means we are just about 2 weeks out from our first cycle of trying. Typing that just made my stomach kind of drop into my butt. After feeling so impatient for so long, it feels awfully close to reality right now. And even though we are right on track with our timeline, its technically coming a little early. How so? You ask. What magic of time and space do you speak of? Well, since my cycles have varied from 29 days to (maybe) close to 40, I am technically one cycle short of where I anticipated being by January 2013. I’m mourning the loss of data points . . .but I think we will make do.

It appears that we have overcome our last legal challenge (for now, anyway.) We found out AwkMD was not going to be allowed to sign the supervision form. The lawyers at the hospital where she works were concerned because she is an internist, and they think she should be specialized in obstetrics or advanced reproductive medicine in order to ‘supervise’ the inseminations. Thus began the great MD hunt. After a few phone calls, more e-mails, and a few brainstorming sessions, I decided to call Dr. L, a woman who used to sing in the chamber choir I perform with. Lucky for us, Dr. L is also super queer and less beholden to her employer for things like this. Plus! she and her boo are talking about starting a family soon too, and while my credentials probably won’t help her legally or mentally, everyone loves a solid research assistant. I knew it would come in handy! So, barring any weirdness happening, we should be set for a siggie on the paperwork and all of our legal ducks in a row. Assuming my friend Senator Ulibarri is right, Civil Unions should be law in Colorado by August, meaning that we would have a solid 2-3 months to be legally not-quite-wed before a baby made their entrance, at the earliest.

In a little over a week we leave for Indy. Between now and then I have an insane amount of work to get done. We’ll be back by Jan 1st, BFF gets back from NYC on January 8th. And we might be just days away from insemination at that point. Suddenly the slow loading barge has turned into some crazy bullet train. Hold on tight.

** Oh yeah! I’m super excited about all the new blog friends I’ve made! Hey y’all, I think you’re fab! **


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