Awesome + Bummer = still pretty awesome

Two things to report, one of them is TOTALLY AWESOME!! The other is potentially a bummer. However, since A. is pretty assuredly awesome and B. is only maybe a bummer, I think that balances to overall awesome.

A. My brother is gonna have a baby!!! Ok, his wife is going to be the one actually having the baby, but my brother made the baby too! They told us last night at our small family Xmas gathering – they are about 10 weeks along now, due in July. I am SO FUCKING EXCITED! My brother is older than me and for years was sitting on the fence about the baby thing. I figured he would be easily swayed and that his wife would probably talk him into it in the best least pressury way, cause she is amazing. They just moved into a new bigger house this past summer, so I was expecting to get this news soon but I am still freaking out about how awesome it is!!

If you know me on the outs (AKA ‘in real life’) please don’t say anything on the FB or other public forums as its still kinda on the DL. I figured this mostly anonymous audience was an ok place to squee! about how excited I am to be an auntie (in this way – La’s brothers have kids and I am their auntie but its a little different, ya know?)

B. Because of my wacked out cycles of the last few months, pinpointing ovulation at this point is feeling a little complicated. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, as we are lucky to have fresh sperm on demand (BFF is so awesome about just dropping by and he lives close and we cook much better food than he usually eats – all bonuses!) and I could just play it by ear. This month, though, the holidays are making things complicated. Given how weird my cycles have been, I could ovulate anywhere from Friday Jan 4- Sunday jan 13th. That’s a big span of time. It also happens to partially overlap with when BFF will be out of town in NYC visiting him family.

He gets back Jan. 8th (in the am, I think) and is totally willing to just drop on by on his way back from the airport, so I don’t necessarily have cause to be sad yet – from a mathematical perspective, the average O day (of cycles I have tracked) is Day 24, which would be Jan 9th. And of the span of 8 days, he is gone for 3 and here for 5. If bodies paid any attention to logic or math, I would feel reasonably confident. Too bad they think math is for suckers and kind of do whatever they want.

It would be a bummer to miss ovulation this month after planning for so long to start trying in January, but ultimately, there isn’t much we can do to change it in any case – and as methodical as I am, I do also believe in things like fate and the universe having some say in things. La told me if it happens its because we were just meant to have a scorpio baby, not a libra. But, she’s is biased as a scorpio herself.

Ovulating earlier and missing our chance would mean a shorter (more typical) cycle, which isn’t a bad thing, and I’d have one more month of charting to better understand things. So, que sera sera.

But I will still totally take your posi woo to please ovulate on Jan 9th or later. kthanks.

In any case, I am way MORE excited about having a niece or nephew (and having a baby that is close in age to that niece or nephew) than I am about the slight possibility of having to put off insemination for one more cycle.

And . . .tomorrow starts Xmas break! No work until Jan 2! Watch out sleep, I am coming for you!! Christmas cookies – you too!


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