I’m on CD30, no bleeding yet. Hoping I hold out until Thursday which would mean a nice, long, cozy luteal phase and make this cycle the best (tracked) one yet. In any case, we should be inseminating in two weeks – whether we are at the start or the end is the only difference. La has taken to talking about how my cervix will be ‘soaked’ in sperm which kind of grosses me out even though I know, odds wise, that’s the way to go. Still, I wish she could find a less disgusting metaphor.

On Saturday we spent our collective Xmas money on new tattoos! Its been a while since I got any ink and I was very excited. This is one of the bigger pieces I’ve ever gotten and it will probably take another two sessions to finish. Since you have to wait about a month between sessions for healing, and you can’t get tattoos when pregnant (well, at least, the evidence suggests it isn’t a very good plan at best), I am in what some would consider a conundrum but which I think is a fabulous TTC situation: If I get pregnant the first time (which would be AWESOME) then I would have to wait until after I delivered to get my tat finished. If I DON’T get knocked up (which would be sad) I would get to have a second session on my tattoo (which would be AWESOME.) So, at least for the first few tries, there is something good that can happen if I don’t get pregnant – which takes the pressure off quite a bit.

I’m attaching here a picture of the tattoo – keep in mind that it is only partially complete, that it was JUST finished at this time (if you’re unfamiliar, this means its swollen and shiny with A&D ointment) and that Hilda has a MUCH better tan than I ever will, especially on my thighs.


Much love and luck to everyone out there gestating, raising and trying to make babies! <3!


One thought on “Win-Win!

  1. Cool! Can you post a pic of what it will look like coloured? Also…Hilda must be an American character as I don’t know her. Enlighten me?
    Here in NZ we are BIG on tattoos – as we have a history of it traditionally. I have 2 friends (male) with full facial traditional Maori tattoos, and pretty much all people with some Maori blood have some work on their bodies, so there’s not so much of a social stigma about it here – as long as it’s well done. Here’s a google image search on Maori moko – the name for traditional tattoo:

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