A few more details

Well, I hate to leave you all hanging (I’m a sucker for context) so I thought I’d provide a quick but more detailed update.

Despite still no positive OPKs, we did our first insemination last night. BFF’s car broke down and he asked La to pick him up from his teaching gig, and suggested we give it a go, since he was coming over anyway. I was a little surprised but figured it might be best if we did a sort of test run. And, I do have fertile fluid right now, so it’s not totally out of the question that the little suckers could hang out until O. Although we aren’t taking that chance – we will be doing insems this weekend as well.

It was awkward but sweet. We did a tung Lin meditation and some other ritual type stuff. Then BFF left with his cup and La and I fooled around until he knocked on the door and gave us the sample. There was a fair amount of giggling and awkward sounds from the syringe, but it never felt embarrassing.

Afterwards I put my pjs on and propped my hips up, and BFF, La and I read BFFs tarot cards and laughed. I went to bed after that and they stayed up talking.

So, one down, a few more to go. In La’s immortal words, “we’re gonna flood that shit”


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