An update. Not necessarily a lot of answers.

Hello gentle readers. Welcome to CD42, 26DPO. I got the blood test results back: HCG quantitative: less than 0 TSH: 3.55 (old normal, that most labs use = between 1 and 5; new clinical normal = .05-3, ideal conception range = under 2.5) Despite my asking multiple times, including while I was in the chair looking... Continue Reading →


CD 36, 20DPO

No period. Temp above coverline. Negative HPT. Acupuncturist described my pulse as "strong and slippery" which is often described as a "pregnancy pulse" but she couldn't recall if this was normal for me or not, as her notes weren't clear from prior sessions. Called and spoke to a nurse at the GYN who is going... Continue Reading →

After two weeks of feeling embarrassingly obsessed with the possibility of being pregnant, I am happy to return to a state of mind which includes more coherent and complex thoughts than "omigodwhatwasthattwingeinmybelly? whatdiesitmean?!" My type A personality keeps me productive at work, but once I was home for the day, it was no holds barred.... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur in the mist

Well . . . Neither plastic dinosaur nor tarot card nor persistent nausea can tell you if you are pregnant. Only a pregnancy test can. And ours told us that we are not. Of course I'm disappointed. More than that, I feel crazy. Crazy because I was, and still am, dizzy and nauseous. Because I... Continue Reading →

8DPO: Potential Dinosaur Sightings

8DPO. Going on my 5th day of pretty consistent nausea. Added to this (or perhaps just adding nuance): Food aversions/cravings/something. I say it this way because more than craving anything or being particularly averse to anything, its just a struggle to find anything that sounds *good* or even something that won't make me vomit. On... Continue Reading →

I am not a big believer in 'pregnancy' symptoms occurring just a few days after ovulation but OMG I have been nauseated for the last three days, and its getting worse every day. I realize that there could be a lot of reasons for this aside from the possible blastocyst maybe getting ready to implant... Continue Reading →

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