I am not a big believer in ‘pregnancy’ symptoms occurring just a few days after ovulation but OMG I have been nauseated for the last three days, and its getting worse every day. I realize that there could be a lot of reasons for this aside from the possible blastocyst maybe getting ready to implant in my uterus but when I feel like I’m gonna hurl all day the only thing that makes it not just feel disgusting and distracting is the idea that it might mean I’m knocked up.

Still haven’t actually puked . . .but if things keep going the way they have been, I fully anticipate I will soon. Blargh.



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  1. When I was pregnant, my nausea started at 3DPO. I also had higher-than-normal temps, which was likely caused by surges in progesterone (which will cause nausea long before the HCG does). I have no idea if progesterone levels react to conception, but I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if they did; it’s the only explanation I can think of for the nausea/high temps that happen before 6-7DPO.

    Of course, you could just be sick.

    • Yes. And I am trying to remember that. But then there’s the nagging voice of “. . .but nothing else is wrong.” I’m trying to keep my perspective and drink peppermint spirits in my water and hope without over-hoping its a baby not a virus. I’m also a firm believer in the psychosomatic. Ugh. Too many options.

      Thanks. As I’m sure you know, I’ll take any excuse to see this in the light I want it to be in. 🙂

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