8DPO: Potential Dinosaur Sightings

8DPO. Going on my 5th day of pretty consistent nausea. Added to this (or perhaps just adding nuance): Food aversions/cravings/something. I say it this way because more than craving anything or being particularly averse to anything, its just a struggle to find anything that sounds *good* or even something that won’t make me vomit.

On Friday night, the only thing I could stand to think of eating was, essentially, ramen noodles. We don’t eat ramen in our house because La had a horrific accident in college and got 3rd degree burns down her legs from spilling hot ramen – and she has the scars to prove it. So, suffice to say, I did not get ramen. We did find the next best thing at Tokyo Joe’s – a noodley soup that was mostly non-offensive, although the hard boiled eggs inside of it were hard to handle. Yesterday at lunch with my mom, I saw a picture of a turkey sandwich and almost lost it right at the table. In general, I’m staying in the most neutral zone possible. Mostly I am grateful that my long term standby, oatmeal, continues to be as satisfying as anything.

Another addition is a heightened sense of smell. I don’t tend to be very aware of smells. La has a super sniffer all of the time. Usually, I can be somewhat blissfully aware of, for example, the bulldogs stinky booty issues, while La is gagging in the corner. The last few days have been a little different. On friday driving home there was an awful sweet-chemical smell outside the car and when I remarked on it, La looked at me and said “You should NOT have been able to smell that!” Other things that usually don’t bug me have been overwhelming, too – the air freshener in my mom’s car, the smell of ketchup, a cigarette lit outside the car at the intersection 100 feet away? You guys, I just quit smoking two years ago and really, if I could keep smoking and NOT kill myself/the baby I want to bear, I would totally still smoke. While the smell has gotten increasingly yucky to me since I quit, I have never had a reaction like that to a cigarette that was located so far away.

So, you know, I’m really trying to stay neutral and not read too much into anything. But the nausea is OOC! (that’s out of control, FYI) I otherwise don’t feel sick. I know anxiety can make the belly feel funny and while I’m excited and hopeful and a little nervous I don’t feel anxious to the extent of making myself sick for days on end. But, time alone will tell (and, I guess, depending on the outcome and how long this nausea sticks around, a trip to the doctor!) I sure hope this isn’t all in my head.

Both La and my mom are convinced I am pregnant, which is not making things any easier. They tend to deal with these types of situations differently than I do – I prefer not to hope too much in order to avoid disappointment. They embrace the hope and the potential disappointment. Its good to have balance, but nervewracking still.

OK! Final update!! Last week, La and I were looking at pictures of fetuses (?) in utero and the earliest sonogram picture we saw and something that looked quite a lot like a little dinosaur. So, La has started referring to the maybe-bundle-of-cells in my uterus as the dinosaur. Just moments ago, she sent me a picture of a tiny dinosaur toy that had been left? put? on top of a door – out of primary sight – in the coffee shop where she’s working. And yes I totally believe in that kind of woo-woo stuff.

Thanks for bearing with me . . .assuming anyone actually made it to the end of this post!



5 thoughts on “8DPO: Potential Dinosaur Sightings

  1. Is the nausea ever kind of like carsick/seasick nausea? When I was pregnant I had two kinds: the kind that could be managed somewhat with food, which felt more or less like the nausea you get when you’ve got the flu or whatever, and the kind that felt like seasickness to me (I get terribly horribly seasick OMG). If so, you could be cookin. Just saying. 🙂

    • I don’t get carsick super often so I’m not *sure* of the difference you’re talking about . . .but I associate carsickness/seasickness with dizziness + nausea and in that case, yes, I get both. The general nausea is pretty well with me all day e’ry day unless I am physically in the process of putting food into my mouth, chewing and swallowing. The other comes in waves that pass over me, and sometimes also makes me lightheaded.
      In addition, the nausea upped the ante today and I actually ralphed. I had to make a mad dash from the shower to the toilet in fact. It seems like it just keeps getting a little more intense with each day.
      Funny though, my temps aren’t any higher than during a usual luteal phase . . .
      I’ve also had these cramps – not period type cramps (which I only ever get after the bleeding starts in any case) and not constipation cramps but a hybrid of the two, I guess is how I might describe it. Its dull and while not constant, its pretty regular throughout the day.
      OMG not knowing is sort of killing me.

      • Yeah…I think you’re probably pregnant.

        Motion sickness nausea is, for me, something associated with feeling vertiginous—so your descriptions of associated dizziness are basically the same thing; I tend to experience vertigo as a sinking or rocking sensation rather than a spinning one.

        You are in the implantation zone, where the dull cramping happens, which I had as well.

        So…yeah. I’d say fire (your pee upon the sticks) at will. The likelihood of getting a positive this early is low, but if you’re actually at the point of vomiting, I’d go for it anyway. It could be that you’re an early implanter and have enough HCG at 10 DPO to get a positive on one of the ultra sensitive tests.

      • #1. You can’t even imagine how fucking fantastic it is to see someone else write “yeah, you’re probably pregnant.” Even if its not the case, it’s buoying my sense of hope.
        #2. We are going to test tomorrow, though I know a negative is still statistically high. And then, of course, again until a period or a positive. I figure its our first go so why not? I may regret this.
        #3. Thank you a thousand times over for being interested enough in the workings of my body to respond. It’s really nice to have someone to compare notes to in a sisterly type way.

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