Short ‘n’ Sweet ‘n’ Ambiguous

Took a test today – negative. Its only 10 (or possibly 9 – ovulation is in dispute) days past ovulation, so really too early in any case. But, lesson learned: seeing a negative blows and I don’t intend to keep the testing up. So, I’m holding off until Saturday to test again – which will be either 13 or 14 DPO, and a much more reasonable result.

Today I am tender hearted and weepy. Probably because I am having a lot of hormone induced feel-feels (whether they are PMS or early pregnancy caused), I slept SUPER poorly last night and I am still feeling incessant nausea and some vomiting. 

Finally . . .for what its worth . . .I submit for your consideration: I did a super quick online Tarot draw this afternoon. I drew one card instead of doing a spread, and I asked “am I pregnant?” (which is NOT the type of question I usually ask because the tarot is not a fortune telling agent, it is a tool for uncovering what you already know) and I drew the Empress (Reception in the Collective Tarot, which is the deck I use at home.) The Empress is the most straightforward mother/pregnancy/fertility card in the tarot: creativity, productivity, fruitfulness and motherhood. Despite my title, it is a pretty unambiguous card.


2 thoughts on “Short ‘n’ Sweet ‘n’ Ambiguous

    • I have indeed held out. F testing early, is what I say. It is not satisfying at all! I have felt strangely more calm about the whole sitch since we tested, but not in a gave-up-hope kinda way. I just feel pretty ok with the outcome, whatever it happens to be. We will be at 13/14DPO on Saturday, so that’s when we’re doing the next test – when its likely to actually be accurate.

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