March 12, 2013 – A tiny bit of history to savor

This morning, at 10:53am MST, the Colorado General Assembly voted to pass the Colorado Civil Unions Act. The bill, which had bipartisan support and passed on a 39-26 vote, will now make its way to Gov. Hickenlooper’s desk, where he has promised to sign it in to law. Colorado will begin issuing civil union paperwork on May 1, 2013. The Colorado voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between ‘one man and one woman’ in 2006, so Civil Unions – which carry all of the rights and privileges as marriage within the state – are the solution to relationship recognition.

La and I ditched work (well, with supervisory consent, so . . .) to see the final vote, which was all but a done deal. And while it was ultimately somewhat anti-climatic – being shushed by the (gay) speaker as a matter of decorum and moving swiftly along to the next bill – it was really, really amazing. 

Whenever we have a baby, that baby will have both of us named on their birth certificate – from the get-go. We will have access to end-pf-life decisions, be able to write a will jointly, and protect our family with much less cost and struggle. I am so so grateful to the law makers in Colorado who made this happen. 

This is fantastic news for 8DPO – and I am hopeful that in a few more, we will have even more fantastic news too! 

Happy Civil Union Day!



5 thoughts on “March 12, 2013 – A tiny bit of history to savor

  1. Freaking fantastic!!! I hope to see at least this much progress in my lifetime in my state! How exciting for you all!! Being able to place both names on the birth certificate has got to be an amazing feeling.

  2. Woo Hoo Colorado! My partner and I are so happy about this news! We are also TTCing in Colorado. Do you mind me asking which clinic you are using?

    • We actually aren’t using a clinic – we are doing at home inseminations with a known donor. I have heard good things about Conceptions, but honestly, I don’t know anything about the clinics around here because we are trying to stay away from the medicalized parts as long as we can . . .which, right now, is looking more difficult than we thought!
      Whats your story? I’d love to have more friends on this journey – the more local the better!

  3. That is completely amazing, and while I firmly believe that everyone should be able to MARRY whomever they choose and not have to settle for this separate-but-equal bullshit (because it’s worked so well in the past, right?), it’s still a huge step for Colorado and a momentous and wonderful thing for all of the same-sex couples living there. Congratulations to you and La, and to all of your fellow Colorado queers. YAAAAY!!! 🙂

  4. That’s great news for you ladies! (& all the boys too of course.) We, here in New Zealand, are quite a bit further ahead as civil unions became legal around 2004 or earlier (I can’t quite remember when it was). My sweetheart and I had one last year, but really wanted to get married. Amazingly a bill on marriage equality was drawn from a random billet last year and last night it passed it’s second vote (77 vs 44), so we just have one more formal vote process and acceptance by the Governor General before it is passed into law. These next two stages are apparently fairly formulaic and it is believed that it’s now pretty much a done deal…so we should have legalized gay marriage by next year!

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