• 10 DPO, nipples are on fire (in a really not sexy way)and feel like they are loaded with ammo and shooting lasers! on and off cramps which I now think are just endemic to my life! SO HUNGRY want to eat BREAD and COOKIES ALL DAY! = something is coming, blood or baby I have no idea.
  • Got a pretty good up tick on the ol’ BBT today from 97.6 to 98.0 even, but it came back down to 97.7 today. Not the maybe triphasic tendency I was hoping for but could still be good? fuckifiknow. 
  • Had two more extensive conversations with medical professionals yesterday. Both were really awesome, which almost made up for the 5 extensive and very shitty conversations I had the day prior. 
  • I am now scheduled to see a regular old OB GYN in April, one who has experience with fertility stuff but is NOT an RE and is way down with the DIY artificial insemination stuff.
  • Made a new nurse friend, Elaine, who gave me her direct line and told me to call her whenever I needed to. She also informed me that my HcG at that beta I had drawn a while back was actually 3, which could mean it was a chemical pregnancy. I’m not sure I agree, since I never got a positive HPT and it seems very clear that I ovulated on day 46 whereas the original ovulation date of day 16 is seeming more like a no-go. Whatever. It gave me some hope and that was nice.
  • Found out my brother and sister-in-law are having a little boy! I cannot wait for my nephew to get here! My brother was a very cute baby, so I have very high expectations.

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