Balancing Eggs on the Equinox

And on the 60th day, I bled.

And even though it wasn’t ideal, I saw that it was very good. Amen.

And thus, the never-ending cycle of January-March comes to a close. Having the privilege of hindsight, I can now say with some degree of certainty that I didn’t ovulate until day 46. Aside from that bizarre anomaly, the rest of my cycle went just swimmingly, and I started my period as expected 15 days after ovulation following a negative home pregnancy test on day 13. 

Its a bummer to not be pregnant, but I am hugely relieved to be done with the damn cycle. I am also hopeful that this was a one-off weirdness and we can move along this month without so much stress. Accordingly, I have cancelled all doctors appointments and, barring another 40 day wait between now and ovulation, I won’t be rescheduling them until I am good and knocked up.

ImageIn MUCH more exciting news! We got CHICKENS! Well, chicks that will grow into CHICKENS!

I have been trying to convince La that we needed chickens since we moved to The Estate in September. Since we now live on a quarter acre of ‘land’ in a neighborhood that is zoned for agricultural and livestock uses as well as residences, we had NO excuse. Plus, I harbor some serious urban homesteading fantasies, and chickens are the least labor and cost intensive method to realize them! But La has been pretty iffy on the subject, telling me that she was ok if I got chickens but that she would have NO part in their care, other than consuming their delicious eggs. Chickens aren’t THAT hard to care for, but generally speaking, I think its best when partners agree to do things together that impact the running of a house. In other words, I didn’t want chickens enough to forgo my partner’s participation.

On Monday, la had coffee with a friend of ours who has chickens and somehow, R convinced La to get chickens. When I picked her up from the coffee date, La was so excited about it that she said she wanted to go right then. So, off to Wardle’s Feed and Grain we went!

We are now the proud parents of 4 chicks – 1 Gold Star, 1 Black star, 1 Brown Leghorn and 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte. We have named them Blanche, Rose, Sofia and Dorothy. Because if the Golden Girls are important enough to make it into our wedding vows, you can be assured they are important enough to name our chickens after!

The chicks are a pleasant distraction from baby research and planning, and a reminder of how close spring is! There is a coop and run to build, raised beds to get in place, and a whole lot of land to love into productivity and fecundity. I am ready to dig my hands in the earth and make life in my yard!

Of course, I wouldn’t mind in the least if the fertility transferred to my uterus as well . . .

Oh! Here’s Cletus the Bulldog meeting Dorothy:



5 thoughts on “Balancing Eggs on the Equinox

  1. Well, I’m sorry to hear AF arrived and you didn’t get a BFP, but I can understand your relief for her to finally arrive.

    Cute chick though. Love the bulldog/chick pic.

    Good luck on your next cycle.

  2. Damnit, but phew as well. You have a bulldog?! Oh so lucky. I’m trying to convince the wife that if we don’t get a baby this time then I really NEED a dog. It’s been about 9 years since my last one died. I so want to pour this loving into something other than just the wife. We’ll see, it’s my birthday in a few weeks…fingers crossed (but not holding my breath!)

  3. I’m sorry about the BFN, but glad that the cycle that never ends has ended. My cycle also was surprisingly long the first two cycles we were trying… it’s like our bodies know that we’re up to something and refuse to cooperate.

    The chicks are adorable!

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