My approach to tracking this go around has been a bit more hands off, by obsessive lesbian type A standards, anyway. Previously, I had been very nervous about ensuring that I gave BFF and La good lead time and peed on multiple OPKs a day from very early on and was military style about the BBT.

After the Great 60 Day Cycle of 2013, and the surprise ovulation it dealt, I decided it was time to chill out a little. Obviously, there’s no letting go entirely of the uterine watch, but I told La that I could provide a window of time and from there, I could give daily updates. I decided no inseminating until the OPK looked good.

I started peeing on sticks last week – a new batch of wondfo’s + the CBE’s since I finally exhausted the initial order of 100 wondfo OPKs. The new wonfo’s had suspiciously new seeming packaging and I was distrustful simply by dint of their unfamiliarity. Whereas my prior batch had given me a second line no matter what prior to O, these new ones had virtually no test line at all, even yesterday when I got a big glop of eggwhite cervical fluid. I was getting nervous and beginning to second guess myself. I even thought . . .maybe we will inseminate just in case . . .

But like an affirmation from the great pee stick god, today I got positives on both the CBE and the wondfo. Shocking, really, since last night there was barely a whisper of a test line, and today it was clearly as dark as the control. And so . . .the egg white fluid + independently verified OPKs + my very obviously increased sex drive (only an occasional ‘sign’ of ovulation for me, unfortunately) means we are on to try #3 tonight! No joke!

Today is my Dad’s birthday . . .so that’s kind of awesome. Its the day after Easter, smack dab in the middle of a patch of gorgeous spring weather, my friend’s baby shower was this saturday, two weeks from yesterday will be our first big gay wedding anniversary, and I feel the most calm that I have since we started this. I hope these are all auspicious signs.

I believe in the magic of threes, too. I also said many months before we started that it would be try three. This means virtually nothing in the ‘real world’ but absolutely everything for hope. So, here goes . . . .


12 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. I’m completely the same. It’s a pain!!

    This month had negative OPK’s apart from the one day where I had one positive despite testing 3 times through the day. The tests are very choosy, which I guess is good but it doesn’t help when the sperm isn’t available when you need it.

    The two weeks up to ovulation we test every day 2-3 times using dip sticks and then on the day of ovulation we use CB sticks just to be exact.

    It’s. a. Pain. I’m sure it’s worth it though.


      • Yep. Although we have a very old dog who often has to get up to go to the bathroom multiple times in the night/morning, so my temps aren’t always as accurate as they are often ‘supposed’ to be. That said, I get a clear shift and use fertility friend to support the tracking/analysis.

  2. Fingers crossed over here! The cycle we conceived, it was either the day before or day of K’s Aunt’s “I beat breast cancer” party. I really felt like celebrating something so outstanding & being around those people we love was a lucky sign!

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