Be careful what you wish for

Andie: I think I’d rather get my period than a negative pregnancy test.
Uterus: ok, cool. I’ll have your period come early so that can happen.
Andie: fuck you, uterus. That’s not what I meant.
Uterus: shoulda been more specific . . .

That’s right friends, the red tide rolled up on the shore today. I took an HPT too. Why not? I have a stack if cheapies and after all, some minute percentage of women get a period when pregnant, right?

So we are on to try #5. BFF is going to get to a doctor sometime soonish to get the swim team checked out. The upsides to a negative this month:
– I can drink gin and tonics in Las Vegas next weekend
– I can go to Elitch Gardens, the local amusement park, and ride roller coasters before we get knocked up

The last couple of days we got to talk with some newish friends, one who conceived her son with an ex partner 12 years ago and is now a lawyer specializing in LGBT family law, and another couple who are trying to conceive the same way we are but have been working on it much longer. It was nice to have some conversations with people who get what we are experiencing and can give us some information and perspective. Best of all, we got a recommendation for an obgyn who is super down with the at home DIY inseminations and will also do some infertility testing and treatment if needed.

Thanks again for all the wishes, prayers, baby dust and good will. We will need them again in a few weeks.



7 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. oy! I’m so sorry! I hope the next go is the one and I’m glad you found a lawyer and some like minded peeps in the same situation. It helps weather the storm when you have some friends on board. In the meantime, enjoy those roller coasters and gin&tonics!

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