A little something

I am so very glad to be back in Denver, where things run my speed and things are only occasionally visually overwhelming, where my dogs cuddle on my feet, where there is more quiet than not, where the best things are not for sale, where my home and life and beautiful partner all reside.

Which is not to say that Las Vegas was all bad. I saw a good show (Cirque’s Zumanity), I drank a very large frozen mudslide in a souvenir cup (something I haven’t done ever before but which you should probably do before you have a kid, right?), I won $500 playing a few different penny slots (my big wins were on Deal or NO Deal and Ghostbusters), I ate some really amazing food, I got to spend some good time with one of my besties. I also didn’t think about having a baby (well, much) for three whole days.

But its cycle day 10 and time to start peeing on sticks, time to be a little worried about the amount I second hand smoked in those damned casinos and the drinks I first hand drank all over Las Vegas, time to start planning when BFF will be here and how we will survive the wait.

Today we bought a grill with my winnings and made bread in the breadmaker and sat in the gorgeous yard we have created. Today I thought about having a baby, but it felt possible instead of hopeless.


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