Dear All of You

I just got a big squishy feeling in my heart for all the really rad folks out there who follow my blog and those whose blogs I follow (a largely overlapping but not 100% the same list.) This shit is hard, and I’m really glad I have all of you – even though we don’t know one another in so many ways.

I’m kind of cynical about the internet/social networking. My experience with collective living and political action makes me a skeptical of if and how these kinds of networks can actually benefit us, instead of just making us feel more isolated. All y’all are proving to me the importance of these kinds of networks. And, I still hope that you all know that if you show up in Denver, La and I have a spare room for you to stay in, and by August we should have fresh eggs too.

Thank you for showing me there are many stories about how queer people parent, become parents and build families. Thank you for proving the stories I make up in my head aren’t the whole truth. Thank you for keeping track of my cycles and sending love at just the right moment. Thank you for sharing your stories so I have hope to hold on to even when my experience feels crummy. Thank you for opening your lives and worlds so I am reminded that my perspective is only one minuscule part of the whole.




8 thoughts on “Dear All of You

  1. Beautiful! It really is amazing how blogging allows one to connect to a society of like-minded individuals on our quests to create and raise families. I feel honored to share your journey.

  2. I wish there was a “love” button because we love you guys.

    We’re new to this whole process, not to mention blogging so finding you guys has been a gift in itself.

    You guys remind us that we’re not alone in the process and that its completely normal to talk and blog about cervical mucus.

    Much love.

  3. Perfect. Just how I feel about it all too. Who would have thought that I’d find just the perfect community that I so desperately needed in this way.

  4. Aw, you just made me all warm and fuzzy inside! I am so very glad I stumbled upon your blog so many months ago! I can’t wait to rejoice with you and your wife when the time finally comes and you can move on from the tears to the laughter and the toddler ups and downs! I know it’s coming for you! I cannot wait to follow you on that journey. I really feel the same way as you on this whole internet thing. Love the community of strong, brilliant women that I follow and who follow me.

  5. My blog has been my bestie, my dirty secret, my joy, and my heartbreak all at the same time. It has helped me to embrace whatever lies ahead way better than any therapy session ever could! Glad you find solace in us and and hope you will stay positive and continue to blog it out!

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