I feel confused and excited and skeptical. Oh, what a cycle this has been already.


We went back to the Texas Ranger (TR) this morning for a follicular ultrasound. The report? That my ovaries are “textbook PCOS”, my lining is “damned good” and I have a “truly beautiful” follicle measuring just under 20mm. She seemed genuinely excited about my lining and my follicle, and seemed utterly dismissive of the PCOS being a problem. When I asked about confirmatory bloodtests she said, “You have PCOS. No doubt about it.” and then kind of moved on. Only mentioning the best thing to keep it under control was to “lose weight.” Which I just automatically reframe as “eat healthy and move more” because I think ‘losing weight’ is a bad goal. 

She also, despite prior comments to the contrary, recommended an IUI this cycle. La and I were both *shocked* but TR told us that my lining and follicle were great and a cycle after HSG is a great time to get pregnant. 

The catch? I am going to Greenville, SC tomorrow on behalf of an agency from whom I serve on the board of directors. 

According to my past ovulation history, this isn’t a big deal. I’m on Day 12 and usually ovulate on Day 17, which would be Monday. But TR seems to think it will happen sooner because of that gorgeous follicle. So far, no positive on the ol’ OPK but maybe an ultrasound is more reliable?

We are going to play things by ear and see what happens. I will call when I get a positive and see when they tell me to come in. If I’m in town, I guess we do an IUI. If I’m not, we go back to plan . . .B.1? whatever. 

I am eerily calm about this. I did have a full half hour where I considered trying to have someone else go on my behalf, but United airlines cleared that right up when they told me that would only happen with a 200$ rebooking fee plus the difference in tickets. All I can do right now is hope that precedent is solid and that big gorgeous egg doesn’t pop until I am safely back in the Queen City of the Plains.

Because I am totally a firm believer in the power of woo (prayer, meditation, tarot cards, good vibes, juju, etc.) I am asking that you all send my little polycystic ovaries some love and tell the right one to lay off ovulating until Monday.




7 thoughts on “Another?!

  1. A 20 mm follie is awesome! have fun in Greenville! I live about 2 hours from there! Hope you get back in time to try this cycle. Fingers crossed 🙂

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