Probably Maybe

Hello from Greenville, South Carolina. For a girl born and raised in the semi-arid climes of Colorado, I feel absolutely soaked in sweat and humidity down here. From what I understand, it is “not humid” here. Relativity. Whoa.

Its looking like there will NOT be an IUI this month. I’m (maybe surprisingly) not that bummed about it. Of course, it would have been fabulous to get a real solid shot this month, but it also could have been a very stressful undertaking. And I am doing my damndest to get rid of stress, not add anymore.

We decided to do an at-home insemination on Tuesday night before I left the next morning. It was more ‘why the hell not’ than anything else. I was a little shocked that La supported it since she had initially been firm about wanting all of us to take a break from all kinds of baby making. I think the Texas Ranger’s excitement about my junk really inspired her!

I got a smiley face on the good ol’ CBE OPK yesterday at Denver International Airport – day 13, a full 5 days earlier than I have gotten a positive in the 9 months I’ve been peeing on sticks. I feel confused but also not at all surprised. Not surprised because OF COURSE when I needed to ovulate on my usual day, it comes early. But also, I’m hopeful that the supplements and food changes (although, just for confessional purposes, I just ate a giant plate of pasta because it was free and delicious and I was hungry!) and acupuncture are making a positive difference.

So, there is always a chance that one of the non-funny-hatted dudes has found his way to my early appearing egg and we will never even have to trouble ourselves with the IUI. Do I *think* it will happen? No. Not really. But I hope it will. That’s the name of this game, right?


7 thoughts on “Probably Maybe

  1. I’ll hold onto hope for you! I think this is the lesbian equivalent of just relaxing and not trying, ha!

    I lived in the humid Midwest before my temporary transplanting in Denver. I really miss Denver weather and climate!

  2. Oh dear, your positive opk story at the airport reminds me of the first time I started using the opk tests and got a positive on the Ohio turnpike enroute to Philly. It was also amusing since I was always having to do the opks in sketchy men’s rooms. Lol. Thinking good thoughts for you this month and hope you get to relax a bit the next few weeks.

  3. I’m a big believer in “why the f— not.” Never hurts to try; it’s going to work one of these times so give it as many opportunities as possible right? Enjoy your trip, your pasta, and stress free livin’! We got some humidity on the East Coast for sure.

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