Thank you all for holding so fiercely onto the hope I can’t handle. You can put it down, for now, for me. I tested negative on a home test today and started bleeding. This period has come gently, and for that I am grateful. Long shot or not, the grief of another cycle gone takes its toll, and its nice not to be in pain.

Back to waiting.


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  1. I’m so very sorry. It sucks. There’s no two ways about it. I’m going to hold on to my hope for you anyway. Here’s hoping the next cycle is a winner! Hugs.

  2. Sorry.
    Not sure if you are wanting advice or not but the one thing M and I did to cope with failed cycles was talk about our future baby. We know that we will get a baby someday and we know that when we see that baby we will look at it and say “I am SO glad all those other tries didn’t work or else we wouldn’t have you!”

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