Famous last words

Last night I thought to myself, "I don't think I'm gonna experience the clomadness! Lucky me!" This morning La said I looked like a princess and I about ripped her a hole in her head. Just now I walked into the theater to see a show by La's theater company and the house manger confronted... Continue Reading →


Words I’ve Had to Teach Auto Correct

 Some I would have expected:spermiesdexemethesoneTTCIUIMetforminOPK Some, I was more surprised by:spermovulate (although ovulation, apparently, was there)inseminationovaries (penis and vagina were also not in there) Still others were shockingly already in the autocorrect dictionary:Clomid I have also taught my phone to capitalize Texas Ranger. In other news . . .got the call back (yes, I willed it into existance/made enough... Continue Reading →

Hold steady.

Clearly, I am a product of a digital age because I have not a single modicum of patience. It has been just under a week since they drew blood to re-test for high blood sugar/insulin/glucose levels (this time after fasting) and I feel f**king crazy. I'm trying to rationalize my bratty inability to wait with... Continue Reading →

well, shit.

I'm writing this mostly because I am nervous, again. And because maybe y'all will have some insight.I started taking prometrium last week, per doctor's orders, to start my period. He proscribed 200mg orally once a day for 12 days, and told me I would get a period 3-7 days after stopping the pills.Today is day... Continue Reading →

First, the stats:Cycle Day 34, Day 8 of provera, with 4 more to go. Looking at the next cycle starting somewhere between the 24th and the 28th of September (CD41-45) So we are waiting to wait to wait. This distance from the process while still actively contributing to it is surprisingly nice. This must be... Continue Reading →

And it begins.

Dear Prometrium,I still have to work 8 hours a day, so if you could hold off on the nausea until I'm home, that would be awesome. That said, I suppose I appreciate the morning-sickness training.Love,Andie

Looking up. Or at least out.

I am feeling about a thousand times more grounded than I was just a few days ago. With that, my heavy heart and dragging soul have lifted. I feel more hopeful than I have in weeks.To start, I made the decision to spend what very little discretionary income we currently have on two books -... Continue Reading →


Its been a helluva week. Today is cycle day 22, still no positive OPK. After the almost-the-same test on Tuesday morning, I got almost no line at all on Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning I got another dark-but-not-positive and then . . .of course, no line Wednesday night. My cervical fluid has followed a similar, although... Continue Reading →

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