Who wants to play a game? It’s called “Are these lines ALMOST the same or the same or not at all the same” And I’m asking you to play because I don’t trust my motives – either direction.

Here’s the picture: Image

For the record, they look ALMOST the same to me. The CBE digital gave me a big fat open circle, but the lines on that internal stick were also hella dark.

After the clear negative from the CBE, I left a message for the Texas Ranger requesting an ultrasound. I came back to my desk and saw this and felt like maybe I pulled the trigger a bit too quickly. I’m planning to keep my legs crossed and my pee held as long as I can and re-test. I am totally willing to eat my words and have to call back to schedule an IUI, I just want to be done waiting for the line to turn purple and that annoyingly happy smiley face to appear. 

In some ways, I just want to get this overwith. By “this” I mean the first IUI. I’m sure my anxiety is the cause for the delay, but no amount of deep breathing has seemed to make me be any less pee-stick crazy. I have a feeling that it will be smoother sailing after this, just like it was at home. Of course, I’d love there not to be a second IUI to go smoothly, but I’m also cool with that scenario playing out. Yes, I am bargaining with my ovaries right now. 

I’m sorry the blog has been so single track these last few days. I hope you all realize now that while I am totally grateful for the community of like minded bloggers and I adore beyond measure the stories you tell, sometimes my blogs are just a place for me to spew anxiety because I don’t have any other outlet. I’m sorry for that. 

That said, I’ll take whatever woo you will send.



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  1. Hey ya’ll, thanks for playing along. I’m hoping its a near positive and I’ll get a good one tonight! On the upside, the barista at starbucks gave me my drink for free. That seems like a pretty great message from the universe.

  2. They are almost the same, but test line is slightly fainter than the control. I had the same problem with the wondfos and the CBE this past cycle. The cheapie looked practically positive like yours does, and in the past the CBE has given me a smiley when it’s close like that, but I kept getting open circles. I thought the CBE was broken lol, but it worked out. Your surge is probably right around the corner. This is your first IUI cycle, you have every right to be eager to get it going.

  3. Bit late in the day but the control line looks darker to me. I can’t quite remember what arrangement you guys have with your donor but A and I would probably consider this a perfect fresh-lasts-longer-so-try-day-before stick.
    Would be interested to know how you called it. Either way, sticky dust and hugs for this next trip on the merry-go-round

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