Words I’ve Had to Teach Auto Correct



Some I would have expected:








Some, I was more surprised by:


ovulate (although ovulation, apparently, was there)


ovaries (penis and vagina were also not in there)


Still others were shockingly already in the autocorrect dictionary:



I have also taught my phone to capitalize Texas Ranger.


In other news . . .got the call back (yes, I willed it into existance/made enough of a nuisance of myself to get a call) and . . .insulin and glucose numbers are normal! No metformin for me!

I started dexemethesone, an androgen blocker, this morning. Tonight, we hop on the clomid train.

I’ve also been doing some ‘soft asks’ of other friends who we may recruit as a second donor, in the event a) we don’t get knocked up this go and b) BFF’s swim team hasn’t improved their record. Its strange, but the more I have investigated plans D,E, F and G, the more hopeful and confident I feel about this time working. 

I’m back to the giddy-hopeful-waiting where I do things like determine the EDD if I were to get knocked up this try. For the record, it would be near the end of June, which would be just fabulous timing for a good many reasons (my job slows down, La’s teaching load gets lighter) and it would be near Pride! Not being a huge fan of wandering around a beer soaked park, I’d much rather be having a baby to celebrate how far we’ve come since the Stonewall riots!



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