Left Behind.

I made it through last week. I knew I would, in the rational long sighted way of things, but it felt pretty miserable trudging through. 14 hour work days, heinous menstrual cramps, too many things owed to too many people. But on the other side of it was this: My nephew, my bulldog and my super... Continue Reading →


Beginning again.

I started my period yesterday, after two days of awful looming cramps. It was a relief, in some twisted way, that it came when it should have (14 days after I ovulated, 15 days after my IUI), since it meant both not having to wait around for the next *thing* but also because my last... Continue Reading →


Last night I got a call from Dr. G with the results of my progesterone blood draw (which was over a week ago. ugh.): 5For reference, anything >4 suggests ovulation has not occurred. <10 would indicate good ovulation, unmedicated. 20 or so is normal for a clomid cycle. So 5 means I landed somewhere right... Continue Reading →

All aboard!

Ugh. I kind of hate that I am doing this but really I have to word-vomit this somewhere or I just absolutely will not finish my conference presentation . . .Speaking of vomiting . . .I feel like I am going to. I mean, slightly. Like on a scale of 1 to puking my guts... Continue Reading →

32 and halfway through

Well, this happened yesterday: That's right, I'm entering into my 32nd go around the sun on this little planet. This will be the first birthday in 3 years that I won't be celebrating by drinking alcoholic slushies at the Bear/Leatherman bar. Which is a little sad because yes, that is as ridiculous and somewhat out-of-character as it... Continue Reading →

It takes a village to make a baby

 IUI #1 is done-zo!Due to unfortunate scheduling limitations and BFF's recent car trouble, the coordination for the IUI was less than fun. I was reminded of the trauma I used to face each week as the manager of a coffee shop trying to balance everyone's need for hours, days off, and preferences. I am so... Continue Reading →

Of course.

Ah, Monday.This morning, La and I woke up at 5:30am to get down to the doc by 7:30 for our follicle ultrasound. You should know, if you don't already, that we are not a family of early risers, and we both work jobs that allow us to enjoy our natural proclivities to some extent. La... Continue Reading →

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