Grow on!

Well, I cleared  my business trip without ovulating. Hooray! 

But maybe I willed my follicles to slow down a little too much? Or, you know, there could be a valid scientific reason . . .

Yesterday La and I went in for a day 13 follicle ultrasound. Both the Texas Ranger and Dr. G were out, so I saw the doctor who did my HSG, who is really reminiscent of a super model due to her looks, excellent fashion sensibility and her sheer height. To keep things clear, I will call her Cover Girl. So, Cover Girl stuck the ultrasound wand up there, peeked around, then told me to go pee. I had been misinformed by the front desk staff to arrive at my appointment with a full bladder and had consequently chugged a 32 oz. bottle of water on my way to the 8am appointment. I wrapped the drape around my waist and scurried down the hall to pee.

When I came back she said, “you aren’t very good at emptying your bladder, are you?” Um, I guess not? Although I certainly *felt* I had done an adequate job. When I offered to go try again (always an overachiever!) she waved me off.

No dominant follicles, she reported. Well, maybe one. She said. I didn’t get numbers about how many little ones there were, but did hear that my right ovary looked more polycystic than the left. So, there is maybe a dominant follicle that is definitely not close to ovulation on my left ovary.

I will go back on Monday morning to re-check. Day 17. Hopefully by then at least one follicle will have emerged and be close to popping. I was kind of hoping the clomid might move ovulation up, or, you know . . .do *something.*

So, no news, I guess? I was instructed to keep peeing on sticks “just to be careful’ but she said it would be nearly impossible for me to ovulate between yesterday morning and Monday, given what my ovaries looked like. Unless I’m ovulating immature eggs . . .and that would really suck.

Like always, I’m trying to stay posi-core, but of course have the tiny anxiety creeping up about what IF . . .I haven’t yet gone down the pre-emptive spiral of grief if this cycle gets cancelled  . . .I have at least chosen to suspend judgement that long.

So, grow on, little follicles! Grow on! Don’t let mama down now!

I can’t get enough of these photos of *actual for real ovulation!* so I am sharing them here, again. I do realize not everyone is as into this kind of stuff as me, though. Sorry if it offends!



6 thoughts on “Grow on!

    • It’s an egg ovulating!! It’s the only known picture of it since its almost impossible to capture and happens so quickly. Isn’t it beautiful and amazing?!?

  1. Woah! When I first glanced at your post with this picture I thought it was some kind of weird sushi or something. I’m a new reader/blogger and super impressed at you guys ‘DIY’ approach. I never even considered it, just plumped straight for IVF. Good for you, hope it works out for you!

  2. Those pictures are pretty wild, not what I imagined it to look like. Glad you made it back from your business trip. Hope your follicles have been growing strong over the weekend so you have a pleasant surprise tomorrow at your next check.

  3. Alrighty, odd photo, but ya know, it’s cool. I do hope you get some good news soon, we could use some good news in my neck of the woods, even in the form of your good news! I am hoping for the as you keep trucking along on the path!

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