It takes a village to make a baby


The butterfly mobile wending its way above my head during the insemination


IUI #1 is done-zo!

Due to unfortunate scheduling limitations and BFF’s recent car trouble, the coordination for the IUI was less than fun. I was reminded of the trauma I used to face each week as the manager of a coffee shop trying to balance everyone’s need for hours, days off, and preferences. I am so grateful that, most of the time, I only have to think about how and when to get myself to the places I need to go.

After a lot of back and forth, I talked the triage nurse into washing BFFs sperm on her lunch break (I am not above bribing.) My buddy Hoogie picked BFF up from his office and sperm-taxied him down to the office at noon, where I met them. BFF left his sample, gave me a kiss on the cheek and skedattled back to work. La sent me text messages as I sat and waited for the wash to finish and be called back. After an hour and a half, I was shown to my room and told to undress from the waist down.

The doctor (yet another new one! We are on doc #5 but so far they are all awesome!) was the head of the practice who we had originally been scheduled to see for our first visit at this OB. Frequent readers will remember my freakout about his online bio discussing his commitment to ‘family values.’ Although that fear has been subdued by the countless awesome experiences, I couldn’t put it entirely out of my mind. But he was AMAZING. SOOO nice. Friendly, cheerful, not at all weird or creepy – which I was especially grateful for as I was alone and feeling a little skeezed out about it all. 

It was, as I hear most IUIs are, pretty uneventful. I has harboring some fear about the catheter, since my HSG was akin to medieval torture and I wasn’t clear what, exactly, had caused that level of pain. But I hardly even felt a cramp. He told me my cervix was in a ‘perfect spot’ and my cervical mucus was ‘nice and clear’ – which is always nice to hear. He shook my hand and told me to take a pregnancy test in 14 days if my period hadn’t showed up.

So we are definitely on the hill, chuga-chug-chuggin’ up to the top, waiting with all the trepidation in the world to see what comes next. It feels good to be back on the ride again, instead of standing in line.



12 thoughts on “It takes a village to make a baby

  1. At our first clinic we went through three different doctors before finally sticking with the last one–personally I didn’t enjoy constantly having to go through our whole history with each doctor separately for every little procedure. Our current doctor switched clinics just before we started IVF and I have to say that this new clinic has positively surprised us with its acknowledgement of couples (at the first place, you’d ever only see women by themselves, or the occasional gay couple). We ended up getting our pre-egg collection ultrasound with a different doctor, but wow, what a positive experience! So your clinic gets kudos from me!

    It’s funny how over this nearly one-year baby project process I’ve had the strangest things complimented… I mean usually I have people compliment my eyes or my hair or my luminous quality, but now I’ve had my follicles, my veins, my uterine lining, my cervix AND my top-quality 8-cell embryo complimented. Strange how things change with a (future) baby.

    Wishing you patience and good luck with your first IUI!

  2. Oh, Gayby Project, I just checked my comments awaiting moderation for the first time since July and found that not only had you written such a beautiful 2 week wait message for me, you also nominated me for an award…. And because I am a complete blogging novice and only thought people I knew read my blog, I never check the comments section, so I missed all the love completely at the time (and possibly seemed rude or ungrateful as well!). Well, lots of best wishes and rainbow family love back at you. I will certainly answer your 11 questions and link back to you. Wishing you all the best, K.

  3. I just realized that you guys did an IUI with fresh sperm. Are there no rules about that over there? Here all sperm (unless it’s your male partner’s) must be frozen and quarantined for 3mths minimum. Then they require sexual health checks at the date of banking and again 90 days afterwards before they will release the sperm for IUI. So we are looking at our first cycle being in Feb at the earliest. I wish we could just do it straightaway, the waiting (for even longer) is going to be hard.

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