32 and halfway through

Well, this happened yesterday:



That’s right, I’m entering into my 32nd go around the sun on this little planet. 

This will be the first birthday in 3 years that I won’t be celebrating by drinking alcoholic slushies at the Bear/Leatherman bar. Which is a little sad because yes, that is as ridiculous and somewhat out-of-character as it sounds, but it just happened one year and then it was too bizarre not to have it happen again. Instead, we got a DQ Ice Cream cake and a bunch of my faves came over for dinner.

La also surprised me with these, cause she is the best boo ever:



Today is 9DPIUI, 8DPO. I have managed to stay pretty well distracted with late night board meetings, birthday celebrations, and an awful lot of work in general. Still, the closer we get to T-day, the more the see-saw of hope-devestation starts to ramp up. So far I am feeling a whole lot of nothing, and I am supremely grateful for that. I’d prefer to be able to remain as delicately unengaged as possible. Still, I am glad to be on the back end of the wait now . . .this weekend is packed full and next week should be as well, so Wednesday will be here before I know it. And so will some sort of answer, whether I like it or not.

Someone mentioned that clomid can delay your period/make your luteal phase hella long – does anyone have experience with this? Cause that feels like some kind of f’d up joke but also, like, of course, right? I’m hoping we won’t have some awful repeat of the Great 60 Day Cycle of 2013.



12 thoughts on “32 and halfway through

  1. Happy birthday! My clomid experience was that it delayed ovulation by a couple of days and my period by a day. My doctor said that, yes, overall cycles are longer with clomid but that the luteal phase stays pretty much the same length. I’m sure there are exceptions and other doctors say other things. Maybe you can average them all together!

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