Ovarian High Five!


NOT my specific ovary, but a good approximation!

I am happy to finally have some good news to report! Apparently 100mg of clomid, along with causing me to cry to the concession stand guy about not giving me a cup of water, has also induced my ovaries to produce more than one quality follicle early on in my cycle! Whoo hoo!

We had our day 13 ultrasound with the Cover Girl today. Aside . . .I LOVE her and reallyreallyreally want her to just be our doc, but, alas . . .today she informed us that, of all of the partners at the practice, she is the *least* skilled at fertility and actually doesn’t *do* inseminations. But, she also acknowledged that her partners are terrible at returning phone calls and following up with patients. Her specialties are robotic surgery and urinary tract stuff, and she does regular OB stuff (which means, obvs, that once we get pregnant she’s our girl!) So, she clued us in on some processes, answered some questions, and let us know how the other docs we’ve seen might work. All in all, the conversation along was worth the drive down south. I just think she’s a really, really spectacular doctor.

So, in addition to confirming my medical-crush on the cover girl, we also saw FIVE good size, healthy appearing follicles. Three were between 1.5-1.8 on the right side (and were long and skinny, which could have been because – once again – I did a bad job of peeing and had a full bladder) and another two were at just about 2 x 2 on the left. She thinks I’ll get a surge in the next day or two – so fingers crossed all around, ok?


Thanks y’all for continuing to be awesome cheerleaders for us! I can imagine that, depending on where you are at personally, my blog can be a pretty disasterous dump to be in, so just know that I am grateful for the times you are able to be optimistic when I can’t, and I hope I can provide the same service for you.


9 thoughts on “Ovarian High Five!

  1. High five!!!!

    If you would like the support of some ladies in a small Facebook group, I’d be glad to email you the link. Somewhere to go “OMG I cried to the concession guy!” and then you’d get some nice similar stories and cyber support.

  2. Five follies! That’s rockin’! At the clinic we go to, we have actually only seen the doctor ONCE for our consult. Other than that,everything gets done by nurses. Those girls should get paid SO much more!

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