Overachieving ovum and subpar spermatazoa

The results came back from BFFs repeat semen analysis: 4% normal morphology,  up from 2% in July.  This is,  add I anticipated,  a very marginal and pretty much inconsequential improvement.  Normal morphology is 14%. La and I were hoping for something like 8 or 10. 4% just feels.  . . Unfair.

So we will be going forward with the IUI using BFF this time and hopehopehope that one of those 4% of normal shaped sperm find one of my five follicles and make a baby.  It’s not impossible or even a total long shot.  This protocol is,  after all,  the recommendation for a woman with PRO and a man with poor morphology.  So hope isn’t lost.  But today is still sad.

We will be contacting our two other potential donors to talk about moving forward with one of them.

It can’t all be good,  I know,  and I am still grateful for the hope we have to hang on to,  but there is a fair amount of grief to contend with today as well.  Especially for La, who has held on to this idea for years,  the possibility for loss is just as present and palpable as the hope.


8 thoughts on “Overachieving ovum and subpar spermatazoa

  1. So sad that you weren’t getting the answer you wanted. Its a sad time, but I am holding on to hope for you to move on with this! 🙂 Sending you a lot of warm sticky baby vibes.

  2. I understand the disappointment you must feel when things just cant seem to go your way. Have you considered IVF? At first we were not interested but then when we put the finances on the table, it was the best route. Unfortunately for us it didn’t work but if you are considering having more then 1 child, IVF could potentially grow all those babies in 1 expensive shot! Also, we discussed the importance of using our donor and the fact that we can no longer obtain samples after ours runs out. We decided that it was important enough to us, and that in 20 years it wouldn’t matter because the IVF would be paid off. Just my 2 cents…

    • Its actually something I have thought about, although we have generally said it would be the ‘last resort.’ I was shocked at how sad I am, though, and I think I might put the conversation out to La to see what she thinks.

      Thanks for bringing it up!

  3. I’m sorry his spermies are slacking 😦 it is a good thing you have other donor options. I want to be all “email my donor!” but that’s a little weird. I recommend the book Get Me Out for some narrative but straight facts on ivf and other options.

    • OMG, I totally read “Get Me Out” this summer after I found it at Powell’s used when we visited Portland! It was awesome!
      Depending on how the next few weeks go, I may be asking you for that referral!
      Which reminds me, I’d love to take you up on the FB group referral. What’s the best way to make that happen?

      • I went through a period of reading lots of women’s studies type books and that was one of my favorites. The myth of motherhood was also really good and I’m currently re-starting the price of motherhood. Just finished maya angelou’s second memoir. So, maybe I’m starting my second course of women’s studies, ha!

        Email me at goodfamiliesdo@gmail.com

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