IUI #2 – Follicles, Ahoy!

After a few days of nervous nellying about the positive OPK, it finally showed today at 1pm, coming in just under the freak out wire. Dr. Cover Girl had told me to call if I hadn’t gotten a positive by this morning – which I didn’t – but I decided to try one last time before I went full scale freak out. Sure enough, the positive showed.

Since tomorrow is Saturday and our OB/GYN isn’t open, we are being referred to an RE for the wash and the IUI. The office is faxing over the order and we should get a call soon to schedule the IUI. I’m nervous about a change in protocol, and that La will be leaving for the Western Slope on a work trip at noon tomorrow, and that I am watching my nephew Liam which means he might have to come with me . . .but I’m also so so hopeful that this IUI will be the try that works. 

**Update: Scheduled the IUI with the fertility clinic for 7:15am (please see previous posts regarding NOT being a ‘morning person’) – well, technically, a follicular u/s at 7:15, sperm wash at 7:30, and the IUI after. I was told that ‘my husband could come leave a sample’ following the u/s. I giggled inside about that. Until I realized that this was not a quaint assumption or misunderstanding – the fertility clinic doesn’t work with known donors (except in the case of freezing and quarantining at a bank) and we were really actually going to have to fake this. Which means that La probably can’t come with me. Because being honest would run the risk of having the clinic not do the IUI. So, that sucks. 

La and I had a good, but also complex, conversation about the possibility of looking into IVF with BFF if this IUI doesn’t work (thanks JennandM!) and its something we are definitely putting on the table. I think the biggest reservation is (of course) the cost, and the fact that our plan all along has been for La to also carry a baby, ideally using BFF as the donor as well. Because we both also feel compelled to use our own eggs, this makes the IVF process a little less appealing, since it would likely mean two complete rounds with less reality of using frozen embryos. We would also have to consider whether we wanted to be on the up and up but pay more to use our known donor, or be less straightforward and proceed as though BFF was my partner. There is a lot to think about, in general, but it feels good to have that possibility on the table.

We also reached out to our two other potential donors, The Director and Mr. Fabulous. Both of them are dear friends of ours, although I am closer with both. The Director is the partner of one of my very best friends, who is also an ex-girlfriend (cause that’s how queers roll, eh?) They have a baby together who, if we conceived using The Director’s sperm, would be something like a cousin to our kid(s.) Mr. Fabulous is a former co-worker who has been a successful donor for another couple. The hitch with him is that he may be currently donating to them for a second child and we aren’t sure what their expectations/understandings are about him donating for other folks. We are meeting with The Director next week to talk about details, and I hope we hear back from Mr. Fabulous soon. 


5 thoughts on “IUI #2 – Follicles, Ahoy!

  1. Hoping it all went smoothly. It sucks that you have to lie about your family in order to use the RE.
    It sounds like there’s lots to think about with regards to IUI vs. IVF, continuing with BFF vs. switching to one of these new donors, and whether or not to be uprfront about using a known donor. And there’s so many financial considerations involved in each of these, as well as the emotional ones. Fingers crossed that you won’t need any of those options!

  2. I read this to my spouse the other night, because I talk about all the blogs I follow as if I actually know everyone lol. She said to get enjoyment out of one upping the system. If she didn’t use her powers for good, we joke that her ability to so lie so cooly for personal gain would lend itself to her being a sociopath.

  3. My wife and I are going through the something similar. We have done 8 rounds of IUI with a direct donors frozen sperm! We love love love him but it does not seem to be working out. Apparently his sperm is only adequate. So if this round does not work (I am 5dpo) then we will embark on the journey of finding someone in a sperm bank, which seem super overwhelming. I just started my blog and it great to see that there are people going through similar things that we are.

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