There’s not a lot to report except that I continue to feel totally dragged down by this damned wait. Even with very full days and evenings, the moments are creaking by.

Dr. G called with my post ovulation progesterone results last night: 8.5. So, better than last time but not much, since, you’ll recall over 5= ovulation, over 10 is normal for unmedicated cycles and close to 20 is ideal for medicated cycles. I don’t know what it ‘means’ really that I had four mature follicles which all appeared to be likely to ovulate and yet still only managed a progesterone level of 8.5. Dr. G just mentioned that if I got a positive pregnancy test to call him right away to get on progesterone support and that ‘if there is a next time’ that we would probably want to add the progesterone. But it seems to me that this low progesterone continues to signal some sort of ovulatory disfunction. Which makes me sad. He was very clear that this level did not mean I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant or wasn’t pregnant . . .indeed, he said he’s seen pregnant women with lower progesterone levels. Still, its hard to feel very encouraged knowing my body still doesn’t quite have its shit together.

Nothing else to report, really. I started getting cramps this afternoon which – I know, I know – could be good or bad. I’ve had hella crazy cervical fluid, but its of the sticky variety which doesn’t seem to bode as well for pregnancy as the other kinds. No other symptoms to spot . . .

Anyway . . .I’ve got a few more meetings to get through today, an exceptionally long work day tomorrow, and one night of anxiety filled sleep before I can find out if we are pregnant or moving on to the next great fertility adventure.


One thought on “snippet

  1. Ugh, the waiting is so horrid. Hope you’re finding something fun to occupy yourself with! I am a firm believer that alongside all the other rubbish our doctor is describing we should be able to request a pill which either puts us to sleep for 2 weeks or causes short term amnesia so we forget what we’re waiting for…although perhaps these thoughts are why I am not an MD 🙂

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