For all the bitching I do in this blog, I must come across as a real spoiled asshole. Sorry about that. Since it’s Thanksgiving week here in the good ol’ US of A, I thought I would do a little thankfulness post. With pictures. Because more images usually equals less brattiness, amiright? So, here is a short list of things I’m thankful for: Image

This babe, obvs.


This dude, obvs.


My brother, sister-in-law and the gorgeous baby of theirs (who is in the 99.53 percentile for height!) Image

My amazing, loving, generous parents (dressed in the family tartan for my wedding two years ago)



The best, snuggliest, most adorable dogs in the whole land.


A church community that fills me with awe and wonder while also thoroughly calling me on my shit. Image

These ridiculous chickens and how they teach me to care for things and not take them for granted.



My babely friends who take post modernist abstract portraits with me.


A job I love that accomplishes good in the world, and which I am paid a living wage to do.



*Education – good public schools, the opportunity to attend college and graduate school 

*A warm, secure, comfortable home

*Books and libraries

*Hope and possibility

*An appointment next week to investigate what’s next on the fertility journey




4 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. Hey you, don’t go making apologies for your feelings. They are yours and you have a right to feel them. You have been through a nonstop emotional wreck and roller coaster. This is YOUR place, my friend, don’t ever feel like you need to make apologies. I do love seeing all the things you are grateful for, but don’t get yourself down. I know, I don’t speak for everyone, but I don’t think of you as a spoiled asshole. I think of you as a woman whose been put through the ringer and is still standing up tall and still has the strength to continue and in the end, when that baby finally does come, when the time is right and everything falls into place, in the end, that baby will be the one who is grateful – for a pair of strong mamas with a fighting spirit who did everything they could do to get that baby and they will know they were loved before they were born and will always be loved until the day they take their last breath. Don’t you ever make apologies. ((HUGS))

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