It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas









Greenery, stockings and lights!




We made our own wreath this year. Yes, everything on it is covered in glitter. As Liberace said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!”

20131130_113147 (1)

Tiny Christmas tree!


And finally . . .when La and I decided we wanted to have a wedding ceremony/Gay Love Extravaganza Event, we didn’t go through the usual engagement rituals. We bought very lovely unmatched wedding bands to exchange during our ceremony which we have loved. Over the last year, we have talked more and more about having more traditional engagement type rings. Well, we found two MATCHING used (ahem, ‘pre-owned’) engagement rings for a price we could afford – so we bought them! Merry Christmas! Or should I say, Marry Christmas? They are off being sized and soldered to our wedding bands but we should have them back in a week or two!



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