Anything to Avoid Google

Its 5 days past my IUI, which means I have been insanely thinking of whether or not the egg got fertilized and might be tumbling down a fallopian tube towards my uterus for . . .4 and 1/2 days.If there is someway to avoid this being the primary thing I think about, I would love... Continue Reading →


Back in the saddle

Well,  the final IUI is on the books. The trigger shot ended up being a hilarious non issue.  I made La get up with me and count down,  which she did.  And when she got to "1" I jammed the needle in my thigh and . . . LAUGHED.   Because I was shocked at how... Continue Reading →

More questions than answers

So.Much.Anxiety.Today I went in for a CD12 ultrasound and blood work. I was anxious, since I really didn't respond to 50mg of clomid and then responded a little too well to 100mg. So what, pray tell, would the letrozole do?Well, it produced one big follicle, measuring in at 19mm, along with a couple of others... Continue Reading →

Hit me with your best shot

       This morning as I was putting on my make-up, the IVF nurse called to introduce herself. Simultaneous to this, the bulldog ran in the house with something unidentifiably gross on his butt, La was trying to leave the house, and I found a package on the doorstep. Rest assured, she now things I am a... Continue Reading →

From 0 to Shitty

Its shocking to me how quickly I can go from elated or at least buoyantly happy to dragging misery. Its always the damn consults with the doctor that get me down in the dumps.This morning I had my 'official' IVF consult, which was not so very much different from the "new patient consult" I had... Continue Reading →


Well, after weeks and weeks of waiting, things are finally moving forward! Of course, anything would probably feel like warp speed after the last couple of months, but the addition of working with a bona fide fertility clinic has made things even speedier - just the way I like it!I called on Friday to report... Continue Reading →

Bloody Betrayal

   Day 47. Still waiting. But hopefully one of the following (or all of them in concert) will get my mojo (and my endometrium) flowing:-Exceptionally strong parsley tea -Finishing my provera script-Castor oil packs-Dong Quai -Extra vitamin C supplements (don't worry though, I haven't gone totally off the deep end)-Sexy time with my lady friend-A lot of bargaining... Continue Reading →

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