Are you there God, it’s me, Andie.

I haven’t wanted this badly to get my period since I was 12 and praying a la Judy Blume for it.  All I wanna do is bleed.


8 thoughts on “Are you there God, it’s me, Andie.

    • It’s certainly worth trying. Although, in a show of great irony, La (who generally abhors bleeding and certainly doesn’t have a whole train of events waiting on it) started her period today. Because the universe surely loves a good story.

  1. I know this will sound strange… but you should try eating leeks and/or pine nuts. All I can say is that it was recommended to me once, and by golly it works. It won’t bring on a period if you’re body is not already close…but it’s worth a shot. May I recommend a nice veggie stir fry with added leeks and pine nuts, or maybe some potato leek soup with a garnish of toasted pine nuts?
    You might also be interested in checking this out:
    Good luck! (and thanks for following my blog!)

    • Thanks! Eating some leek soup with pine nuts sounds delicious – and all the better if it might hasten my period’s arrival, too!

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