Well, after weeks and weeks of waiting, things are finally moving forward! Of course, anything would probably feel like warp speed after the last couple of months, but the addition of working with a bona fide fertility clinic has made things even speedier – just the way I like it!

I called on Friday to report CD1 and schedule my baseline ultrasound and blood work for this morning. I’m sure none of you care really but this was my first wanding while bleeding. Kind of awkward, right? I’m generally a tampon girl, but that wasn’t going to work, so I resigned myself to a pad. Which probably would have been fine in a normal cycle, but whether the provera or the 60 days of endomentrial build up, I am bleeding like Niagra falls. Not into it.

The u/s showed my usual ovaries full of follicles (30+!) and my blood work came back glowing (which means, in some cases, the meds I am on are working!) The one exception is my TSH (thyroid) which came back at 7! This is higher than it has been since well before I was diagnosed hypothyroid more than 8 years ago. Since we began the TTC process, my TSH has been hovering around 3.5-4 and various folks have upped my dose of levothyroxine (from 50 to 100mcg over a year) with some success getting it to inch down. I’m *shocked* that it is so high, although it might explain my general malaise recently. The RE is switching me over to Synthroid and upping the dose again. Yikes.

I got my script for letrozole and will take the whole thing (25mg) today . . .I was expecting the more typical 2.5-5mg per day for 5 days, so I googled the single large dose and found a good peer reviewed article suggesting it is as or more effective. And easier! So, I will down 10 pills tonight, then head back next Tuesday for another u/s and more blood work. Assuming my follicle(s) get with the program, we will use an HCG trigger next week and do the IUI between next Wednesday and Friday – just in time, since BFF heads out of town a week from this coming Saturday! 

I also scheduled my ‘official’ IVF consult (I am still not sure how it is different from my ‘unofficial’ consult in November? But when I pressed them they said I definitely needed to do this as well, so, ok) for tomorrow, and my pre-IVF uterus study (sounds so fun! hysteroscopy, trial embryo transfer and doppler ultrasound) for Friday afternoon. I realize that this may all be for naught (and I sure hope it is!) but I can’t handle the idea of having to sit another cycle out, especially one where I don’t have the support to ovulate, which could mean another 50 some days of waiting. Maybe that’s stupid, but its where I’m at. I’m willing to spend some dollars now (though hopefully, some of it will be covered by insurance, since its diagnostic) to avoid the misery of endless waiting later. 

In other news, I spent a Christmas giftcard on a hoard of books, including And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families, and La and I started reading it last night (we have a standing tradition of reading books together out loud, a chapter at a time.) Already, I feel so much of my own experience reflected back and am excited about the conversations its going to start for us. A year ago, I might have said that using BFF as a known donor was about free sperm and friendship. Now, I can honestly say that BFF is far more than just a donor for us. While I think we are still in the process of figuring out the language to describe what and who he IS (to us, and to our future children) I know that we are and have been in the process of creating a really unique family structure. Basically, I would already highly recommend it to those of you who have used or are considering using a known donor in whatever capacity.

Finally, I leave you with this, because seahorses are beautiful and hella queer:




4 thoughts on “Rolling!

  1. Excited for you! I’ve been following your blog since my wife (B) and I started trying to get pregnant last summer and I searched for lesbian baby-making blogs 😀 Also excited because we are on the same timeline this month – today (Tuesday) is my CD5 and I will also probably IUI next Wed-Fri. This is my first month trying in a while. We started in July last year and I actually got pregnant (anon open donor) in Sept, but miscarried in late Oct. Started to try again in November but I didn’t ovulate because of retained tissue — so had a D&C, then a much needed vacation, and now I’m more than ready to try again. This is the first time I’m using hormone-stimulation (gonal F at 100 IE from CD3) so I am excited to see what happens — every day B says “I can’t wait til Monday to see how the follicles responded!!” I can’t wait either! We’re going to try two more IUI before going to IVF. Happily following your journey, too. Fingers crossed for both of us this cycle!

  2. I love the idea of this unique family structure in the making, and can’t wait to see how your truly 21st-century story evolves! So glad all’s rolling. And those seahorses—I saw them at the aquarium in Atlanta last time I went there to have a little embryo put in me. They are crazy-looking creatures!

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