Some things I am excited about today

1. Today I applied for a really great job in Portland, OR!


Its no secret that La and I have our eye on PDX. I know, I know . . .queer girls moving to Oregon, what a cliche. And while there is lots to stereotypically love about Portland, putting the city in our 5 year plan (which is now a 4 year plan) is about more than just oreganic farm stands and really good bookstores. Most importantly, there is a huge crowd of people who we ADORE living in Portland. There’s Big Star, La’s grad school roommate and her very favorite artist to collaborate with (they seriously make amazing theater together); there’s my high school BFF, Dr. Nerd, and his wife and baby. Then there’s a couple of my former co-workers and very favorite people and their partners and kids. La and I have been to Portland thrice in the last two years, and every time we go we end up feeling called to the city. There are people there who we want to raise our family with. There is a vibrant theater scene for La to work in. There are a whole lot of hipsters and not a lot of jobs and we know that every semi-progressive white person dreams of Portland, so we are trying really hard not be a cliche and be realistic.

Because we have these folks we love (who love us) in Portland, in particular people who know my professional skills and strengths, I occasionally get a job posting in my inbox. Some of them sound ok, some of them sound great but don’t pay well enough to constitute a move. But last night, I got one that is both fabulously well matched to my work and interests AND has a pay scale that would make moving worth our while. So I applied.  Obviously, only time will tell if the employer things I’m as well suited to the job as I do, and if they do, if moving is the right decision to make. But I am absurdly, distractedly excited about this possibility. I haven’t been distractedly excited about something in . . .a long damned time.

2. Its the anniversary of Roe v. Wade!


Last year, I wrote this post about why people who WANT to get and stay pregnant should care about abortion. I feel it all so much harder now. The gatekeeping around sexual health and human reproduction is just astounding in this country. We think of abortion as a singular event, one THING, when its actually connected to so many other pieces of health care and reproduction and sexuality

So, I’m excited that we are celebrating another year of a decision that legalized abortion in this country. And I’m sad and rage-filled about how distorted and perverted that decision has become under the sneaky and malicious intentions of many law makers. 

3. This awesome article about why you should teach your kids to call their genitals (and all body parts) by the anatomical names. We talk about this a lot in our house because I frequently have to say “penis and vagina intercourse” in front of stodgey school board members and tittering suburban house wives and La cannot help but giggle when she even THINKS the word penis. So, clearly its been agreed upon who will be doing the bulk of the sex education in our house. BUT I think its just so important that kids grow up knowing the names of their parts, being able to communicate, and not feeling shame about their sexual selves. So, since so many of y’all are either in the process of parenting young children or will be soon, I thought I’d share,

Let me know if you need additional awesome early childhood sex education resources!

I am NOT particularly excited about giving myself an HCG shot in 12 hours, but I am feeling prepared for it. Thanks to so many of you for sharing your stories (be they ridiculous, painful, or just ho-hum) I’m sure it will be remarkably uneventful.




  1. I’ve always had my eye on Portland, too! I lived in Vancouver (BC) for 4 years and my heart is definitely on the West Coast.

    Good luck with your HCG shot!


  2. Good luck with the job app.

    I agree with teaching young kids the correct names for body parts and developmentally appropriate sex education. I did sexual abuse counseling with kids for a few years and believe it’s a crucial part of prevention. And there are some really ridiculous names that parents teach their kids instead of the correct ones.


  3. Whuuuuaaaa??? The babies. Oh my lord. I will have nightmares tonight. Eeek! What is wrong with people! We know too much and can do too much!

    Love your post. Love Portland. It’s on our list! We want to move from LI as soon as the fates will allow. Our first choice is Pittsburgh. But if we both end up in Portland, I am totally going to ask you out for a beer (unless we have babies inside us, then we’ll go out for veg juice or something, which I’m sure there’s lots of in Portland).

    Yay for Roe v Wade.

    I’m going to go chekc out the rest of your links now…


  4. Oh my god, when I saw the baby printer thing I freaked out. Too far, people, way, way too far. Of course I find the 3-d Ultrasounds that everyone looooooves to post on FB to also be freaky. So freaky that I really, really do not want to get one when I get pregnant.

    Thinking about you tomorrow!


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