Conversation hearts

Well, it's Valentine's Day. One of the truest perversions of a Saint's Day, if ever there was one. Just in case you remain confused, there is never EVER anything romantic about a Saint (in the official Church definition, anyway.) Why? Well, because you have to be MARTYRED. Martyrdom just isn't sweet (although there are some... Continue Reading →


Got a call from T, the IVF nurse (who I am very certain I like MUCH better than the IUI nurse) and got the go ahead to start birth control pills. She also sent a calendar - thank God - since I have been feeling like I'm rather aimlessly floating in this IVF sea, not... Continue Reading →

Make Lemonade

Hey y'all, the "Lemonade" page is up . . .Ch-ch-check it out! The page is full of ridiculous/adorable/generally joyful and distracting pictures/links/videos for all my TTC queers/infertiles/queer infertiles to look at when you're feeling down.The bulk of the 'resources' were collected via my buddies on Facebook, when I posted about needing some cheering up. I welcome... Continue Reading →

All aboard

Well, here we are . . .a bit later than I originally thought, but here none the less.The red tide rolled up on shore yesterday, and mighty were its waves. I had cramps so horrific that ibuprofen was barely making a dent in the pain, so I decided to take a few percocet left over... Continue Reading →

Still F’ing Negative

The small gap in the doorway of hope is firmly closed,  vagina candy stopped,  cramps promptly appeared.  Waiting for the red tide to roll up so I can call and get the big party started.  I did,  however,  manage to amass a huge number of funny/snarky / adorable pictures,  gifs, videos and tumblr sites to... Continue Reading →


I have never translated BFN as anything other than big fucking negative. first of all, 'fat' isn't a bad word (but a fucking negative is a bad thing, ya dig?) and second its far too quaint for me. Its like "baby dance" (which really only ever makes me think of this anyway:)What does that even... Continue Reading →

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