I have never translated BFN as anything other than big fucking negative. first of all, ‘fat’ isn’t a bad word (but a fucking negative is a bad thing, ya dig?) and second its far too quaint for me. Its like “baby dance” (which really only ever makes me think of this anyway:

Image)What does that even MEAN? Can’t we just call it sex? Even ‘doing the deed’ has a little of the seediness necessary for me to get behind it. I don’t do quaint.

But I digress.


So. That’s the update. This morning we got a big.fucking.negative.

I am continuing to pop the vagina candy (glad y’all like that one so much!) until we test tomorrow since its the ‘official’ day, whatever that means. I’m not holding out a lot of hope but, unfortunately, those damn crumbs of hope persist. 


19 thoughts on “Nope.

  1. Yeah, I still forget that the “F” isn’t for the “F” word. And the term “baby dance” makes my libido die. I don’t know how straights who use that term function.

  2. LOL, I have always translated it that way too. Whenever I see BFN or BFP I always in my head use “fucking” instead of “fat”. And I too HATE the term “baby dancing”, that is so not sexy. Sorry about your BFN today, I’m hoping maybe it’s just taking a little longer to develop and tomorrow will be a different story!!

  3. I can’t believe there are people in this world who use the term “baby dancing” and take themselves seriously. The fuck?!

    As for your Big Fuckin’ Negative….I’m so sorry. I really, really hope you get a different answer tomorrow.

  4. So sorry about the BFN. That almost-definitely-negative-but-still-a-little-hope time is the worst. I’m glad you have a plan for where to go from here, but it sucks that you may have to use it.
    And I definitely agree about the whole “baby dancing”. Aren’t we all grown-ups here who can acknowledge that sometimes we have S-E-X???

  5. I thought it was “big fucking negative or positive” until I was corrected. “Big fat” is way to G rated for my taste. There are WAY to many abbreviations in the infertility world to keep up with.

  6. I totally thought that BD was bed dancing…i don’t know if baby dancing makes more or less sense. I hate those abbreviations so much. It also drives me mental to see FTM as “first time mom”. For the longest time I kept thinking that there sure were a lot of trans guys on the boards I was looking at.

    Hoping for good news tomorrow!

  7. I’m really sorry you got a neg. I’m not looking forward to my 2WW, which starts this weekend.

    RE: Baby dancing. No wonder straight folks start feeling like making a baby is a chore! YUCK.

  8. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks of that really old baby dancing video thing! I was trying to look for it not long ago but couldn’t find it. Ahhh, those were the good old days of the internet.

    I hope you aren’t out of the running yet!

  9. I’m sorry about today’s test 😦
    I hope tomorrow brings a different result.
    On 13dpo I had only a very very faint line in the evening.
    I am thinking about you ladies!

  10. Sorry that you have to continue to pop the vagina candy and wait for the official news. I ALwAys consider the F in BFN and BFP to be the f-word. Either way, I think the emphasis fits.

  11. I’m sorry about the fucking negative. Going in today for the official test sounds like it would be hard, like you don’t want to invest too much emotion, but it’s TTC-ing and emotional detachment isn’t really an option and that glimmer of hope can just be brutal. Whatever happens today, sending you good vibes.

  12. Love the term vagina candy, will be using it when I’m using it – although we may make it more regionally specific (lol) by using vagina lollies. I too am a fertility acronym hater. Baby dust makes me wanna spew, BD is dumb dumb dumb. I only use DW as it gets the ladies very confused till they wprk out I’m the only gay in the village (or so it generally seems.)

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