Make Lemonade

Hey y’all, the “Lemonade” page is up . . .Ch-ch-check it out! 

The page is full of ridiculous/adorable/generally joyful and distracting pictures/links/videos for all my TTC queers/infertiles/queer infertiles to look at when you’re feeling down.

The bulk of the ‘resources’ were collected via my buddies on Facebook, when I posted about needing some cheering up. I welcome your contributions!

While there are babies of the furry variety, I would like to keep the page human-baby free, because sometimes babies are triggers. But, if you have a really cute puppy or a favorite cat video, please send it over!



  1. I love this! I am on a phone so can’t grab links but the YouTube movie if a baby panda sneezing is my go-to need-a-laugh quick view. (I think it’s dot-com) is where I go for extended joy. (There are kids for sure but I don’t think there are babies, and it’s not *about* kids at all.)


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