Got a call from T, the IVF nurse (who I am very certain I like MUCH better than the IUI nurse) and got the go ahead to start birth control pills. She also sent a calendar – thank God – since I have been feeling like I’m rather aimlessly floating in this IVF sea, not really knowing what to expect or how to plan. But now I do!

So, its BCPs from now until March 3rd, starting stims on or around March 8th (looks like, right now, Meno.pur in the morning and follis.tim in the evening) until day 6 when they will add ganirelix in the evening. For the record (because I love this shit and google it all of the time) I am on an antagonist protocol. Tentative retrieval date is March 19th – two days after one of my organization’s biggest events. So, let’s all cross all the things that the date doesn’t get moved up too much and also that I am not so swollen with eggs that I can’t show up to the capitol to do some lobbying with youth advocates. 

Of course, then we’ll have to wait for a period to show up after retrieval, then sit out a whole cycle, then prep for FET. So, May or June is the likely target date for transfer. 

So, between now and early March, BFF and I have to get some additional blood tests and sign consents. Meds should be ordered early next week. The train is leaving the station.

Just a little shout out to Obamacare for picking up the tab on my BCPs. Not that it would have broken us, but what with the paycheck fiasco, every little bit helps!



  1. Yay, yay, yay. Just like me, things are starting to happen for you too! The clinic sending a calendar is a lovely help. The inability to plan is horrendous. Even jut having a rough timeline, no matter how changeable it may be, helps immensely sanity-wise methinks.


  2. Oh I’m so excited for you!

    My antagonist protocol sounds pretty much identical to yours. Just for the record, the only major side effect I had was extreme horniness. I mean like, can’t focus on anything else, crazy girl-on-girl action for many days straight. It was insane. And kind of delicious.

    I felt a bit uncomfortable around my ovaries but no visible swelling. All in all, it was a pretty painless experience. I ended up having 14 follicles ( I know some people have like 30!), retrieval was uncomfortable but totally manageable (they had a problem with the machine and my pain meds wore off for a sec, and so that kind of hurt on one side). I was totally grateful for the two days off from work afterwards.

    I really really really hope this works for you! And it will so be worth the wait!


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