For the data nerds and Slow and Steady? Stims Day #6

Alright, number-hungry friends, here’s the latest:

If you recall, after the labs on Tuesday, I increased my follis.tim from 50IU to 75IU. Note bene: Initially I was told to give both the menop.ur and follis.tim instramuscularly. Due to the very tiny amount of follis.tim that I am on and the size of the syringes I was sent, this was virtually impossible to accomplish, and so I was told to take it subcutaneously using the pen instead. Today, my nurse sent over some TB syringes (much smaller size but can still fit an IM needle) which I will now be using to inject the follis.tim intramuscularly.

E2: 116

Follicles: at least 10 measurable (they only report the biggest 10, I learned. There were at least 15 on the right this morning that the u/s tech measured.) on each ovary

LEFT= 5, 3@6, 3@7, 2@8, 9

RIGHT= 6, 2@7, 3@8, 3@9, 10

So . . .they are growing, but they are growing very s l o o o w l y.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, given my PCOS. I’m already at higher risk for OHSS, and it is clear that I have a lot of follicles getting bigger. My estrdiol is still pretty low, all things considered, and that’s not a bad thing necessarily either. 

BUT but but . . .of course I am nervous we are going too slow. Nurse T says its a careful balancing act, and that they try to be careful because they have seen cases where folks started off slow (like me) and then all of a sudden their E2 levels rocketed up and it was bad news.  

So, we are staying the course – 75 IU of meno.pur and 75IU of follistim – however, I will now be able to give the IM, which will make a difference (as I understand it, medications injected IM are absorbed more efficiently. I’m also a big girl in every sense of the word and it has definitely occured to me that that teeny tiny bit of medication could easily get lost in my big old thigh skin, but less so in my big thigh muscle?) 

I go back tomorrow, and anticipate I’ll be going in every day until egg retrieval. She did say that at this point, it looks like we are either on track for Wednesday (their original prediction) or a day later. In any case, AWESOME. Crazy Eyes/My organization’s big event is Monday and I was having nightmares of having to miss it for ER. Although I was also sort of hoping it would happen Tuesday so I could legit miss CE’s going away celebrations. Ah well. I have intentionally kept every other day next week as open as I can in anticipation of things not going quite as predicted. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure: Lily the Bulldog in a turtle costume (cause slow and steady . . .get it? get it?) – fast forward to 2 minutes when it gets good.


5 thoughts on “For the data nerds and Slow and Steady? Stims Day #6

  1. Yeah, its a struggle – don’t want to overwhelm folks with numbers but also want to provide context. I’ve been keeping a more regular tab of everything on the IVF page (access via toolbar above) I’m on meno.pur and follis.tim – very low doses because of the PCOS. Its great to have so many follicles, but they also need to keep growing steadily. If they peter out too early, or if just a couple take off, that would be less than ideal for IVF. But, I also don’t want to hyperstim, so I’m glad they are being conservative.

  2. First – The video is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing. I have a bulldog and he just cracks me up. About the slow growers – I had slow growers. They upped my gonal-f and then pushed my stims an extra day before ER. Only ended up with 6 but we had 2 grade 1’s so I’m pleased. I’m sure it will all work out…it’s hard to wait it all out though so I’m sorry for the limbo you’re in. :-/

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