Hot Damn!

It’s a good day to be Andie!

First of all, I’m bleeding! From my . . .ok, you know where. 4 days after popping my last prov.era, the red tide rolled in. I called Nurse T and she had me come in to pick up my nuva.ring (hope hope hoping that it is less disasterous than the devil’s pills), get my new calendar and get some instruction on where to do injections.

After the absorption issues of the cancelled cycle, I will be doing all IM injections in my deltoid which ought to really f**king hurt after 12-14 days of multiple injections. But, no one every said this process was going to be anything but stressful and sometimes painful. So, sign me up! Since it will be almost impossible for me to give myself injections in the deltoid, La has been steeling herself to do the shots for me. Luckily, we are starting the protocol with only one injection per day in the evening, which means we can go over to my parent’s house for shot #1 and my dad can give the shot/show La how to do it (for reference, my dad was a home care pharmacist for many years and regularly gave injections to patients) – we were fully expecting to have to build this into an early morning, and I was not happy about it.

The full protocol detail is available on the IVF Timeline Page, for those who are into that kind of thang.


Wanna hear some other REALLY exciting news? 

Ok, but you have to keep it a secret if we are friend IRL or on FB, ok? So shhhh . . . .



We are getting this bulldog puppy!

Are we crazy? Foolish? Stupid? Yes, probably a little of all of them. So let me tell the story, so at least you understand WHY we are making somewhat questionable but undeniably adorable life choices.

Since Ed died in December, and even before, we had decided we would be a two dog house. Two dogs is one more dog than a lot of people have, after all. But slowly, over the last two months or so, we have let the idea of getting another bulldog creep in. Bulldogs are magical. For those among you who are uninitiated, they are truly uniquely special dogs. I want it to be known that I am a tried and true “dog person” who grew up with 2-3 dogs at any one time in my house. All kinds of dogs – mutts, a golden retriever, dalmation, keeshond. I loved all of them. When I bought my first house, I promptly adopted a pup from the local shelter, a dog who I refer to as my ‘soul dog’ and who I love beyond measure. He is a spaniel and he is delightful and I adore him. Even having said ALL of that, I have to admit that bulldogs are just really special creatures. I think of them as the unicorn of the dog world.

So, we’ve been talking about getting another bully. The problem is, bulldogs cost as much as a fairly nice used car. And they are nearly impossible to find in shelters, unless they are sick or have some horrific birth defect from bad breeding practices. People just don’t give bulldogs away. So, you kind of either pay up front (for a healthy, well bred bully) or you pay at the end of their lives when they are sick or congenitally deformed because of bad breeding. We have looked and found the occasional bulldog for adoption and every single one of them would end up costing more than a puppy to treat their current health problems. (I grew up adopting pets from shelters and have a lot of guilt about paying for dogs, but I also feel like my heart has been won by bulldogs and so I’m not really sure how to handle the disconnect, therefore I spend a lot of time justifying my decision . . .if you want to judge me, that’s cool but could you do it silently? I already have a complex about it, ok?)

We do not have the money to buy a bulldog right now. In addition to fertility expenses (the bulk of which we are not paying, thanks to my very lovely and generous parents) we are trying to pay off some things before we have a kid to raise. But, I had mentioned to La that maybe after we did our taxes and saw what kind of refund we got, we could put a portion of it towards a bulldog savings plan. While this is a very reasonable and responsible plan, we made the mistake of torturing ourselves by looking at available bulldog puppies every night. Really? How did I ever think that was a good idea?

On Wednesday, La was hanging out with our buddy H (I have mentioned her before – she of the massive slot winnings in both Central City and Las Vegas) and mentioned that we were considering getting a new puppy sometime in the future. They came to visit me at work and, independently of La, I also mentioned that we had been looking at puppies and had, in fact, found one we thought was especially adorable. H said “pull up the website! let me see her!” So I did. La said, “I keep telling Andie to get the puppy for me for our anniversary! I told her she just needs to find the money and get her!” I laughed and said, “well, I’m not sure where I’m going to ‘find’ the money, and I don’t have it now!” And then, out of nowhere, H says, “I have money.” 

Now, let’s clarify: I appreciate people sharing money AND it makes me feel squirmy and nervous. So neither La nor I had any plans to say, “ok, sure, you can buy us a dog!” H persisted – “let’s call and see when you can go visit her!” and I said, “No. You can’t buy us a DOG!” “What if I just helped you buy the dog? You pay what you were planning to put into the bulldog savings fund, and I will help with the rest.” And before we could say much, she was on the phone with the breeder. And then, almost immediately, she was putting down a deposit on the puppy.

We spent the rest of the evening with H making sure she was REALLY ok with this, and her assuring us she absolutely was. It is incredibly generous and 100% unnecessary. And, its really nice.  We will still be paying for the bulk of the dog with some of our tax money, but this makes it possible for us to get *this* particular puppy, and to get her now (well, on April 12th when she’s ready to go home.) 

It will still be another year, at least, before we have a baby. The soonest a FET would happen is middle-July, which puts a due date in April of 2015. In between now and the end of July there is a lot of waiting, and the can’t-get-pregnant-get-a-dog method of wading through infertility is a tried and true one. Plus, ohmigodlookather!

So, that’s the news from this corner of the world. And, one more puppy picture for good measure:



12 thoughts on “Hot Damn!

  1. Adorable puppy! Kim has been bugging me for a bulldog since we met 11 years ago. Of course, I’m not really a pet person, I like animals and all, I’m just really bad at the ‘taking care of pets’ part. Congrats though, she’s super cute!

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