So many eggs!

I'm loopy on percoset and writing from my phone but wanted to give you all an update: 53 eggs retrieved 30 mature Understandably,  I'm in a lot of pain and have been prescribed a bunch of meds to shut things down and avoid OHSS. Send me some healing woo. Fertilization report tomorrow!  They are expecting... Continue Reading →



In the waiting room,  all checked in and full of eggs. 

Here We Go!

Just got the call from Nurse T and we are a GO FOR TRIGGER!I will do a final dose of folli.stim tonight, then a shot of lup.ron at 10:45pm today, another at 10:45am tomorrow, and get the eggs sucked outta my ovaries on Wednesday morning! I currently have 11 follicles at the 'over 16mm' desired... Continue Reading →

Still Going! Stim Day 8

Hi Friends! I'm sorry for the silence . . .though I doubt anyone has been waiting with bated breath for my follicle u/s updates. I guess if you have been, I'm sorry?In any case, the cycle is still going - which is the best and most important news, as far as I'm concerned! For those... Continue Reading →

Data Update: Day 5 of stims

Feel free to skip this one if you either don't care or don't understand the IVF jargon. The gist is this: new protocol is working!Yesterday I went in for my first scan and blood draw since starting stims. It was, predictably, more angst ridden than prior appointments have been. Although last cycle didn't get cancelled... Continue Reading →

Suppression Check. . .

Thanks for all your sweet comments about Hilda.  She's a doll,  really.  So sweet and mellow and smart.  Today was my suppression check and wet got the all clear.  . . Start folli.stim tomorrow evening,  no meno.pur yet.  All shots intramuscular in the deltoid.  La had steeled herself and will be doing the shots.  Keep... Continue Reading →

“Guess what day it is?”

Asked La, as we lay drowsily in bed this morning. "It's no more nuva.ring day!" I cheered.She looked annoyed, and then did her best bad-insurance commercial camel impression, "HUMP DAY!"As of 8 o'clock this morning, I am nuva.ring free, making us that much closer to IVF #1.5 starting officially. Yippee!Other countdowns:*Three days till baby bulldog!*four days... Continue Reading →

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