nothing of consequence

There’s not much to report, friends. I have been trying, and succeeding, to disconnect from the baby making stuff until stims start again in a few weeks. But, I am an obsessive reader of all of your blogs and so I inevitably feel a bit left out when I realize I haven’t posted in a while. So, here I am, joining the crowd and posting!

On Sunday afternoon, I took my nuva.ring out of the fridge, where it had been hanging out next to the almond milk and the leftover cauliflower rice, and shoved it up my hoo-ha. For the record, I have more experience than the average woman with the shoving of things in the hoo-ha, owing to my punk/hippie investment in sustainable menstrual blood catching devices. Even still, I remain unsure if I did this properly. I can’t feel it up in there, which seems like I good sign, but I’m still not clear its where its supposed to be. On the upside, it does not seem to have the same ability to turn me into a heartless screeching harpy. Makes me nervous its not working.

Tomorrow, La and I head out to Indy for her grandpa’s surprise 85th birthday party. Some of the more homophobic extended family, who conviently excuse themselves from having to be in our presence at Xmas, will be in attendance (because no one but la’s mom knows we are coming! ha ha ha!) so the plan is to be extremely homosexual in their presence, and maybe talk loudly about trying to have a baby through science and our best friend. Its the little things that bring me joy.

Work is intensely busy and shows no signs of slowing down. For this, I am grateful. Although I am also hella grumpy about some weird stuff going down in the foundation that funds my program. I’m writing a annual report and funding renewal request for them right now, and the grumps are making a somewhat arduous task even less fun. But really, this hardly even rates on the scale of “things that make life hard.”

In a week and change, La and I will celebrate the second anniversary of our Big Gay Love Extravaganza Event (the second of three anniversaries we get to celebrate – we are going for a nice round four anniversaries once marriage gets legalized in Colorado.) And a few days before that, we will have a PUPPY! 


Want another baby bulldog photo? Ok! We got a few more on Tuesday from our ‘bulldog broker’ so here you are, happy Thursday!



9 thoughts on “nothing of consequence

    • dunno about diaphragm placement but the concern is that my uterus (and therefore cervix) is tipped back in a funny way. I can def feel it when I put my finger in my vagina, but not sure if/how it should be pushed up in there any differently?

      • The instructions my doc gave me for diaphragm placement were to push it up so that the rim sits on top of the pubic bone (or below the cervix, whichever is easiest to feel). I think as long as its in the general cervix area it will be fine.

  1. Your hoo-ha comment made me giggle. At my transfer the dr. joked “Let’s play how many things we can cram in your vag” I SHIT YOU NOT. Worst. Game. EVER! On a more adorable note, your pup is GORGEOUS!

  2. I’m a horrible commenter since I generally read blogs on my iPad or phone one-handed while breastfeeding…but know that I read all of your posts and love them. I think you are hilarious and I’m really pulling for you two! In other news….your puppy makes me smile til it hurts. He is so precious!

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