I’ve grown accustomed to this feeling . . .

Well, a few of them. In particular: disappointment and delay.

Our ‘bulldog broker’ called today and told us that we won’t be getting Hilda this weekend. The puppy (along with some siblings who are also Denver bound) are in Texas with their mama right now, and the Broker was scheduled to head down there today to pick them up and bring them back to Colorado. But, the Broker’s adult bully is sick, complicating matters since she can neither leave him overnight, nor does she think its a good idea to bring puppies (who aren’t fully vaccinated) into a house with a sick dog. Of course, all of this is totally reasonable. 

It always is.

So, no Hilda this week. She will go down next week and pick her up, so we should have her on the 19th. In the grand scheme of things this is, of course, not a big deal. Like, really . . .I shouldn’t even be whining about it here. A week delay in getting a puppy doesn’t even rank on the scale of ‘shitty things that can happen to you.’

And normally, I think it would be simply a mild disappointment. But TTC turns you into a different kind of person, and all of a sudden you find yourself relying on any possible thing to be the thing you look forward to. . . whether that’s  the next somewhat inconsequential step in the IVF process (taking out the nuva.ring also ranks high on my list of things to look forward to, for the record) or some small excitement at work (this saturday we get pizza for going to a morning meeting!) 

I’m sure I’ll be ‘over’ this in approximately 3 hours, but right now I’m bummed. I guess I’ll rearrange my list of things to look forward and start getting pumped about the nuva.ring removal on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “I’ve grown accustomed to this feeling . . .

  1. I agree that this IF crap leaves you grasping at straws! The things that make me “happy” these days are ridiculous! Well, ridiculous to others, perfectly normal in my eyes… Either way, congrats on the nuvaring removal and your upcoming puppy addition.

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