Suppression Check. . .

Thanks for all your sweet comments about Hilda.  She’s a doll,  really.  So sweet and mellow and smart. 
Today was my suppression check and wet got the all clear.  . . Start folli.stim tomorrow evening,  no meno.pur yet.  All shots intramuscular in the deltoid.  La had steeled herself and will be doing the shots. 
Keep all the things crossed weer make it to retrieval this time! 


As you can see,  Hilda and Cletus ate getting along swimmingly.


7 thoughts on “Suppression Check. . .

    • IM shots are absorbed easier. I already have issues with absorption, which is why my last ivf cycle was cancelled. Even doing IM in the thigh didn’t work so they upped my dose and switched me to the deltoid.

  1. Good luck with the shots. I hope they go quick and easy. Since I’m on “couch rest” I’ve been watching so much crap TV; I watched a True Life episode about women doing IVF and you popped into my thoughts. I am pouring all of the hope I have out there into the universe for you guys!

  2. Oi, I can’t imagine shots given or received, so good luck on that! I hope all goes well and the hope and love is flowing in droves from me to you on this cycle!!

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