Data Update: Day 5 of stims

Feel free to skip this one if you either don’t care or don’t understand the IVF jargon. The gist is this: new protocol is working!

Yesterday I went in for my first scan and blood draw since starting stims. It was, predictably, more angst ridden than prior appointments have been. Although last cycle didn’t get cancelled until day 6 of stims, in retrospect it was pretty clear something wasn’t working at that point. 

So, into the office I went at 7:45am. Monday-Thursday I can go to the clinic’s satellite office, which is closer to both home and work, less busy, and has my favorite phlebotomist and ultrasonographer. Kathy, the best U/S tech EVAR eased my anxiety almost immediately, telling me my follicles already looked bigger than last time – the biggest at 13mm. 

The official report, however, had to come from Nurse T who didn’t call until almost 4pm. Last cycle, I got all of my mediocre/good news calls around 1:30-2, and got the bad news call much later, so I’ll admit that I was experiencing some trauma about the timing of the call. 

But it all turned out fine! Here are the numbers, for those who care (along with comparisons from last cycle at this point)

  • E2= 602 (last cycle – 72) – this is significant and a very important improvement
  • Left Ovary has many measurable follicles (they only record the largest 10) = 2@7, 3@8, 3@9, 1@13 (Last cycle = 1@4, 1@5, 2@6, 3@7, 3@8)
  • Right Ovary has many measurable follicles (only largest 10 recorded here) = 1@5, 1@6, 4@7, 2@8, 2@9 (Last cycle = 2@6, 4@7, 3@8, 1@9)

So, the left ovary is outperforming the right this time around, and I have a very small (and thus far, unfounded) fear about that 13mm follicle becoming dominant, but in general I’m feeling incredibly relieved. We might actually make it to egg retrieval! No change to the protocol – sticking with follis.tim only in the PM for now. 

In other news . . .I finally got my pin up tattoo finished – after a year and a half of not getting work done because of the 2 week on/2 week off TTC cycle that didn’t allow for an advance appointment with my artist. Its so lovely and wonderful and makes me feel so good about my body. (For those of you worried, I got the OK from Nurse T before I booked the appointment!) I think I might be losing my steely reserve though. After years and many tattoos (in a variety of places, many of them very bony or otherwise less-than-easy tattoo spots) I finally hit a point during my session last night where I almost had to ask her to stop. This is certainly the largest area of my body I’ve had worked on at any one time, which might be contributing to my sissified state. My tattoo artist, however, did say something like “well, this is nothing compared to all of the awful fertility things you’ve had to do, I’m sure.” Almost verbatim what my RE has said about having to face the many sticks and pokes of the IVF cycle. At least everyone still thinks I’m a badass.

I’ll have pictures up soon, and hope to have an update from this morning’s scan and blood work coming soon!



9 thoughts on “Data Update: Day 5 of stims

  1. Yay for successful stimming! Here’s to it continuing into a successful retrieval. And I’m very jealous of your tattoo prowess. There’s one I have wanted for years, but am too scared to bite the bullet. Maybe as part of my IF evolution (IF-olution?) I’ll finally get it done to help empower myself. Can’t wait to see your new one, are there pics of the others on your blog? I haven’t gone through all your old posts yet.

  2. At first my left side seemed to do a lot better than my right, but then the right caught up so I had two mature eggs at ovulation. This whole process is a bit weird which is why they do so much blood work and ultrasounds. Too many sticks for blood! Good luck, it sounds like this will be a good one for you!

  3. I totally get your frustration with tattoo appointments. I really have been itching for another, but both of my go-to artists usually book a month or more out. And it’s impossible to try and schedule that shit when you don’t know when your next IVF cycle is going to start and end. Ugh.

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