Here We Go!

Just got the call from Nurse T and we are a GO FOR TRIGGER!

I will do a final dose of folli.stim tonight, then a shot of lup.ron at 10:45pm today, another at 10:45am tomorrow, and get the eggs sucked outta my ovaries on Wednesday morning! I currently have 11 follicles at the ‘over 16mm’ desired size and ‘a ton’ at 14 or 15. Nurse T thinks we will get 22 eggs at retrieval! 

This is the first of many landmarks I am excited to be hitting in this process, although there are many many more to come. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts – you can keep ’em coming!


18 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Wow that’s a great response to the stims. Good luck! Don’t forget to stock your fridge with lots of Gatorade to help with recovery post-retrieval. That was the roughest part of the process for me.

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